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virgo Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of December 5, 2021

Week of December 5, 2021

Everyone is attracted to an artist or performer, and with the moon traveling through Capricorn during the first part of the week, activating the sector of your chart that rules personal expression, it may be time to hone your skills. Use this energy to focus and perfect any passion projects you've got on the burner, or take a trip to the craft store so you can let your inspired side out to play. 

Romance will find its way to you later in the week, dear Virgo, when the moon enters dreamy Pisces on the ninth. This lunar placement will bring a soft yet alluring vibe to your aura, helping you gain the attention of any suitors you've had your eye on. Just be mindful of who you give your energy to on this day when Luna enters a harsh t-square with the nodes of fate. It would be easy to repeat relationship patterns from the past under this cosmic climate, so you'll want to keep your guard up if you start having deja vu of the heart. If anyone you encounter reminds you of a toxic ex, you're better off cutting ties and seeking love in the arms of another.