The Moon in Aquarius

Get ready to expand your horizons—when the moon is in Aquarius you'll be full of quirky, unconventional, and unusual ideas.

This placement balks at standards and traditions, feeling more comfortable redefining the status quo. In the emotional realm, this period might be accompanied by loneliness since retreating from convention can also mean isolating oneself from others. However, the pursuit of higher knowledge is always key during this placement. That's why innovations in science and technology are common during an Aquarius moon.

Moon in Aquarius: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Air & Fixed

Positive keywords for Moon in Aquarius:

  • Collectivist
  • Eccentric
  • Inventive
  • Progressive
  • Unique

Negative keywords for Moon in Aquarius:

  • Distant
  • Inflexible
  • Unpredictable
  • Stubborn
  • Tactless

Moon in Aquarius Personality

Aquarian moons dwell somewhere across the universe. With their fiercely independent streak, their alien nature mostly suits them well. Lunar Aquarians see the world through eyes that are future-oriented and radical. Often their interests and ideas appear bizarre or unsettling to the average onlooker. Fortunately, these natives relish their provocative proclivities, believing that the world's in need of a little chaos.

However, Uranus-ruled Aquarius isn't the most comfortable position for the moon, with its propensity for sudden and unexpected change. Therefore, their emotional landscape may seem barren from the outside. They reject the emotionality of the moon in favor of the levelheaded logic of Uranus, so don't expect any cuddly feelings from these folks. Still, they are great friends if you don't mind a little unpredictability. Much like their solar equivalents, lunar Aquarians suffer from tunnel vision.

Positive Traits

The network of a lunar Aquarian is as complex as a spider's web. They manage to find friends from all walks of life and often benefit greatly from these relationships. Due to their own highly independent nature, Aquarius moons are the least clingy and judgemental moon sign in the zodiac. They understand (and prefer) space in their relationships. Furthermore, they welcome the freaks and geeks of the world, so their network is pretty nondiscriminatory.

Through these fortuitous connections, they're given the means to innovate in the ways that their offbeat spirit calls for.

Negative Traits

Though Aquarius moons are humanitarian, their sense of goodwill often occurs from a distance. Because they aren't always the warmest moon, lunar Aquarians may struggle to form deep and meaningful relationships. Their slight unreliability and uncompromising nature further complicates things. Where certain individuals may fall back for the greater good, these folks stand tall and scoff at others' “weakness.”

Additionally, a covert fear of being the "odd one out" prevents them from taking more active roles in their communities. As a result, Aquarius moons may suffer from alienation.


Cool, calm, and collected best describes the ethos of those with their moon in Aquarius. Contrary to popular belief, their general air of unbotheredness is rarely a put-on. Much like other fixed moons, there's a certain stolidity to their emotions. Paired with their more-than-slight ego, they fail to see the need for excessive emotional displays and find them more than a little childish.

Despite their frosty exterior, Aquarius moons can be the best of friends once their trust is won over. Their high ideals set them apart from the crowd but need not isolate them completely. They must join the world.