The Moon in Libra

Gentle Libra makes this a harmonious placement, one in which balance is prioritized.

Libra can get bogged down in making the "right" decision, but the moon helps cultivate a sense of intuition in your natural problem-solving skills. The moon in Libra lends itself to partnerships of all kinds, from romance to business. There's safety in numbers! Art and aesthetics are at the forefront of the moon in Libra, encouraging you to seek out beauty in any form. This might be a great time to establish a new look or pick up a new art project.

Moon in Libra: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Air & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Moon in Libra:

  • Adaptable
  • Balanced
  • Charming
  • Diplomatic
  • Reasonable

Negative keywords for Moon in Libra:

  • Dependent
  • Indefinite
  • Passive Aggressive
  • Self-absorbed
  • Uncertain

Moon in Libra Personality

Those with their moon in Libra are born students of some natural charm school. Equipped with an ever-increasing primer on social skills, faux pas' are rarities for these folks. Social niceties are less recommendations and more commandments. As a result, their capacity for second-hand embarrassment is great, so they're often the first on the scene to smooth over any awkwardness. This suits them well as they're emotionally nourished by the admiration and goodwill of others.

However, Libra is the sign of the lawyer. In spite of their good-natured veneer, lunar Libras do enjoy (and often win) a good argument every once in a while. However, in the case of the public, they're more likely to concede, preferring to avoid tarnishing their favored reputation. As such, it's rare to hear a bad word about these lunar natives, such is the effort that they put into curating a positive public image.

Positive Traits

Lunar Libras bloom when they're in partnerships of any kind. As they exude natural beauty, they generally have little trouble getting into them. Though they're lovers by nature, it would be misguided to characterize Libra moons as completely retreating. They've been known to argue so skillfully that you're left wondering why you ever believed what you did.

Still, their desire for balance and harmony generally overpowers their desire to win. Usually, they apply their powers of communication to negotiation rather than argumentation. After all, diplomacy is the preferred mode de vie of Venus' darling.

Negative Traits

Unfortunately, Libra moons can be people pleasers in a way that's more detrimental than their solar equivalent. Because they gain profound emotional gratification from being liked, they may behave inconsistently or even disingenuously around different people, claiming to like X around person A and Y around person B. While they're signified by the scales, sometimes their behavior tips into the realm of appeasement rather than sincerity, leaving their own needs unmet.

Unhappy and unsatisfied, those with their moon in Libra may resort to passive aggression. In this way, Libra moons must strive to be themselves, whatever the cost.


Stunning Venus and the sensitive moon meet in the creation of those with their moon in Libra. The result is a well-mannered and generally well-liked individual. These lovable folks likely learned social skills before language, such is the ease with which they weave through different situations and groups. However, some Libra moons achieve their characteristic popularity at the expense of their happiness.

Compromise is a beautiful way to approach relationships in moderation, but constant concession is not. Sometimes, we must stand our ground. This is the ultimate lesson for those born under the Libra moon.