The Moon in Aries

Things move fast in this placement, so buckle up!

The moon in Aries is all about bold energy, fresh starts, and personal firepower. You'll feel more like a pioneer, blazing trails and stoking fires. With all this excitable energy, though, it's easy to make mistakes, so this is a time to counterbalance by double-checking and asking for help (something which may not come naturally). Big news and surprises might be met with anxiety or even an emotional outburst. This placement can also influence us to be quick to argue and get defensive, so be aware of that intensity in your interactions.

Moon in Aries: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Fire & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Moon in Aries:

  • Authentic
  • Fervent
  • Passionate
  • Self-expressive
  • Spontaneous

Negative keywords for Moon in Aries:

  • Childish
  • Hot-tempered
  • Irate
  • Rude
  • Temperamental

Moon in Aries Personality

"Baby, you're a firework!" The moon in Aries makes for an emotional firecracker of an individual. Aries moons feel and react intensely—emphasis on the latter. So, they're probably not the astrological placement you'd like to happen upon on a bad day, lest you find yourself on the wrong end of one of their moods. Fortunately for them (and us), their moods also mirror fireworks in their duration. Blink, and they've faded out of existence. However, this emotional intensity also makes them fierce protectors of the ones that they love. Threaten their loved ones, and you'll understand why Aries is a Mars-ruled sign.

Similar to the sun, lunar Aries' reach emotional fulfillment when they're at their most active—emotionally, physically, or otherwise. This is the moon placement most likely to be found working through their feelings at the gym. Forever in motion, Aries moons are rarely under the weather for very long.

Positive Traits

Simplicity defines the lunar Aries emotional world. They openly express the enthusiasm and dynamic energy that characterizes their personality. So passionate are their sentiments that suppression is impossible for them. As a result, it isn't uncommon to find one of these natives leading the charge of some grand conquest. In fact, their energy is so contagious that they easily recharge those around them.

Furthermore, Aries moons don't deal in passive aggression or dishonesty. They keenly feel the importance of being earnest. Therefore, no one in an Aries moon's life will ever be left wondering where they stand. They tell it like it is—for better or worse.

Negative Traits

Mars-ruled Aries feels a bit restless in the position of the moon. Much like the rest of the fire sign crew, these natives bore easily and may intentionally cook up a little emotional chaos to alleviate it.

Additionally, the moon in Aries creates a need to act out their emotions which sometimes flare up without warning. Such a placement can make an otherwise peaceable sun like Libra emotionally reactive. Taken too far, they may go scorched earth before considering whether the situation warrants that response. *Hint: it rarely does.* Aries moons must take care to think before they act.


Aries moons are a bit of a live wire, constantly spitting sparks and itching for a change. Stability isn't one of their special skills, but their liveliness and unpredictability are sort of a part of their charm. Who else but an Aries moon is willing to run straight into any fray or fight?

Some may call their willingness to take on trouble foolhardy, and perhaps it is. But lunar Aries' rarely find themselves in second place, and their unhesitating nature plays a large part in that. Sure, they may be a little emotionally reactive, but is it such a high price to pay for pure passion?