The Moon in Cancer

At home in Cancer, the moon shines at its best.

This is a peak self-care placement. It's a time to retreat into whatever routines make you feel nourished and safe. A Cancer moon encourages us to take care of ourselves and each other. This placement is the ultimate peace-seeker, trying to find harmony with friends and family. Keep in mind that this impulse to help others can take on a self-sacrificing quality, so try not to compromise your own needs. A Cancer moon encourages us to consider both our childhoods and our future family, as well as the way we reconcile the two.

Moon in Cancer: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Water & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Moon in Cancer:

  • Empathetic
  • Imaginative
  • Nurturing
  • Quiet
  • Sensitive

Negative keywords for Moon in Cancer:

  • Clingy
  • Defensive
  • Guarded
  • Impressionable
  • Unstable

Moon in Cancer Personality

The moon finds its home in Cancer, equipping these individuals with an emotional landscape unlike any other lunar placement in the zodiac. Much like their celestial ruler, the moon, the emotions of a lunar Cancer fall into cycles—sometimes submerging even them in their high tides. For Cancer moons, "I am what I feel" is an oft-repeated mantra. They don't simply feel; their feelings form a fundamental aspect of the self. They possess a high awareness of their feelings and those of others.

However, emotional awareness doesn't necessarily come with an ability to control their feelings. While emotional blow up's are unlikely with this placement—that's more Aries moon's territory—moodiness certainly isn't. These silent-but-deadly mood swings can be incredibly unpleasant. Fortunately, their fluctuating nature and tendency towards solitude is such that these moments are often dealt with in their private sanctuaries—wherever that may be.

Positive Traits

While folks often ignore their cardinal tendencies in favor of their lunar ones, Cancer moons can also be incredibly driven—provided the goal appeals to their emotional needs. Because their emotions are such a driving force in their lives, these individuals find it difficult to complete certain tasks if their hearts aren't in it. Similarly, once their passion is ignited, they're nearly unstoppable.

Due to their protective dispositions, lunar Cancers react strongly to any attempt to trouble those they hold dear. These Crabs definitely have claws and will use them given the right circumstance. Moreover, their memories are long, so don't expect them to forgive easily when wronged.

Negative Traits

Though stirring, Cancer moons' sentimentality keeps them clinging to the past, unwilling to turn their eyes to the future. The past can become an idealized, unreachable place. As a result, a Cancer moon may linger in less than savory situations long after their expiration dates, fearing that they will or can not find something or someone comparable.

Due to this backward-looking nature and their inherent vulnerability, these natives can remain glued to a certain mindset or point of view. The world is a dangerous place in the eyes of this crabby moon sign, so they tend to retreat rather than engage.


Though the moon is at her most comfortable position in Cancer, the Cancer moon life is not necessarily a charmed one. With the dual influence of the moon both as the ruler of the sign and planet in question, emotions can become overwhelming. Because they prefer to take care rather than be taken care of, lunar Cancers tend to keep their struggles to themselves. In this way, Cancer moons would do well to open themselves up to assistance and new experiences.

Additionally, their sensitivity can be a strength when wielded correctly. At their best, Cancer moons understand this and use it to heal themselves and the world.