The Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn can seem cold, practical, and unemotional, but there's a deep well under the surface.

The ability to keep one's emotions in check is a Capricorn strong suit. But when a Capricorn moon is at play, this makes it hard to process pain and trauma when and if it arises. And opening up to others—especially when this happens? Not likely. For this placement, safety and security will come from a focus on routine, career, and strong family values. Deviation from that routine during this time can throw you off guard and be particularly stressful.

Moon in Capricorn: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Earth & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Moon in Capricorn:

  • Ambitious
  • Dutiful
  • Efficient
  • Future-oriented
  • Traditional

Negative keywords for Moon in Capricorn:

  • Calculating
  • Controlling
  • Harsh
  • Impersonal
  • Pessimistic

Moon in Capricorn Personality

Compartmentalization is a lunar Capricorn commandment. As the sister sign of moon-ruled Cancer, the moon is corralled in Capricorn. These natives harden and push their emotions into little boxes in the basements of their minds. This isn't because they fear emotions themselves but the loss of control experienced by being swept up in their waves.

Control is a fixation for these folks. At some point in these natives' lives, they were likely taught that their emotionality was weak and/or impractical. So they pulled up their bootstraps and put on a strong front that has since become their default. There's no one with their feet more firmly on the ground than these folks. Due to this stability, lunar Capricorns are often regarded as the pillars of their communities or families. Despite the stress, they relish in this position of power.

Positive Traits

"Under Pressure!" While Capricorn moons may often find themselves under intense pressure to perform well, they're some of the best at coping with it. Very few things shake the concrete emotional foundation forged by lunar Capricorns. Such is their ambition that they thrive off of challenges. Being a cardinal sign, these natives' drives are laser-focused and capable of meeting any objective.

However, they don't just go barrelling after any just any old goal. Capricorn moons are a calculating bunch who choose their target and battles carefully. The world could be theirs for the taking, but they know that not all of it is worth the trouble.

Negative Traits

Emotions cannot be effectively boxed. Like all fluid things, they eventually leak out and wreak havoc on the mind's interior. Lunar Capricorns fail to understand this wisdom and approach emotions with a spirit of efficiency rather than feeling. When this method inevitably falls to pieces, they can suffer and torture themselves for the perceived loss of control. Capricorn moons would do well to live a little more on the lighter side of life.

This disdain for emotionality extends to others. Therefore, Capricorn moons are very wary of excessive (and even moderate) emotional displays. Should they spy an emotional bomb nearing detonation, they'll subtly make themselves scarce.


As is the case with most Capricorn placements, those with their moon in Capricorn can be incredibly hard on themselves. Nothing below superhuman will do for these overly ambitious creatures. In spite of their ambition, lunar Capricorns can be pretty pessimistic, assuming the worst of themselves as well as others. They learned early on that the world could be cold and made their personality reflect this understanding.

Chilly demeanor notwithstanding, they care a great deal about what other people think of them. In their heart of hearts, Capricorn moon longs for a person with whom they can comfortably shed their serious airs.