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Daily Love Horoscope


Exceptional luck is in your romantic forecast right now. Everyone's in agreement as to your many...

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Are you kicking yourself because you couldn't make it work with a sweetheart? Let's face it—you're...

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said that all life is an experiment—and the more experiments the better. He was...

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Once you let go of any subconscious expectations, you might find that you and your date start...

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You're determined not to repeat any of those past mistakes when it comes to your current search for...

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Try not to be so hard on yourself! Somewhere along the line you learned this nutty idea that only...

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You've been dabbling at the art of love for a while, but the stars are saying it's time to kick up...

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Delight in the finer things: great food, silky fabric, long conversations. It'll boost your lust...

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Someone's been getting closer and closer to you, but is this person starting to abuse that...

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A date thought your plans were set in stone, but you're tired of always accommodating other people...

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You're uptown and they're downtown. You like coffee, they like tea. Will this list of differences...

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You're swinging like a pendulum on a broken clock. One minute things couldn't be greater with your...

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