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Daily Love Horoscope


Take some alone time to plot the course of the next few moves you want to take in your love life....

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Does a dangerous liaison seem appealing? Remember that the risk-to-reward ratio really isn't so...

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Your restless mood translates into the desire to explore different paths. You meet unusual types...

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A chance conversation could have unexpectedly far-reaching developments in your love life. Be open...

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You could reconnect with an old lover or long-time friend. This moment might turn into a real spark...

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Connect with people who want to change the world as much as you do. You'll thrive when you're...

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You toss aside your usual charming tact in favor of a little eccentricity. And you know what? It...

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Highlight what's weird and wonderful (or weirdly wonderful) about you. In fact, play it up. You're...

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Love's big picture is looking brighter and brighter, especially when you toss out an old pair of...

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Perhaps you're ending an old relationship that's too limiting, or you're getting ready to renew an...

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It's obvious that you're comfortable in your own skin, and that's the most attractive quality of...

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Start making some changes in your approach to romance. Initially, things may be crazier or more...

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