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Daily Love Horoscope


You may be ready to fire off a flirtatious e-mail, but a low-key approach gets better results now....

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You've got a serious visionary streak now. You have the ability to see things not only as they are...

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Your usually silver tongue feels like it's made of lead right now. On the other hand, your...

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Love's pull is strong now, so see who finds you irresistible! If you're looking online, the right...

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A better understanding of your current situation is elusive now, but that doesn't mean you should...

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Someone special expresses the most outrageous opinion, something totally foreign to you, maybe even...

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You might not be seeing much progress in your love life right now, but at least you're not stuck in...

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Why stay in one place when you can create some fabulous romantic energy out of the ether? Use your...

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A tale of big romance from an old classic movie, an important play, or even a family story has...

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You're thinking quickly and creatively now, and that's quite a combo! Use your imagination to score...

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Get your romantic priorities in order. What should come first: appearance, that awesome sense of...

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Do something totally out of the ordinary and be exactly who you want to be today. A stark but sweet...

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