Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of June 2024

Mercury returns to Gemini, one of the planets it guides, on June 3. This gives you the chance to communicate smoothly, especially if you’re the single, flirty type. Breaking the ice with a current partner about a tough topic gets easier too.

On the eighth, your power planet Mars moves from your passionate sign to patient Taurus, reminding you to play the long game when it comes to romance. If things happen too quickly now, Aries, you tend to skip over details. And glossing over the fine print or ignoring red flags during this transit will have serious consequences in the future.

An intense Mars-Pluto square on June 11 puts you in an awkward or embarrassing situation that won’t be easy to get out of unless you’re willing to lie or compromise your morals or principles in other ways, You aren’t above doing those things, necessarily, but you’re hesitant for some reason now. You must really be in love (or strong like).

When asteroid Vesta enters sizzling Leo on the nineteenth, your house of romance gets a jolt. Your romantic skills are in the spotlight now, and you’re able to attract a large group of admirers with your talents. This is great if you’re single. If you’re already in a relationship, it’s good for your partner to know that others desire you so that bae can step up their game!

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