Aries Monthly Love Horoscope for Month of May 2022

Month of May 2022

You don’t have time to think before you act with your love life frantically zooming by you as romantic Venus meets your fast-paced sign on May 2 and stays there for the rest of the month. This could lead to some really great moments as well as some disastrous ones, Aries, but you embrace both equally.

On the fourth, a Mars-Uranus sextile urges you to make some major changes, and mixing things up in your love life can lead to some interesting romantic encounters. Your daring energy attracts other risk takers today.

As the partnership between expansive Jupiter and your impulsive sign starts on May 10, you start to come into your own and recognize the power you have over your own destiny. Once you start making things happen instead of waiting for them to occur, romantic happiness can be yours.

Your powerful ruler Mars also links up with your confident sign on the twenty-fourth, bringing out your fiercely competitive side. You love to plan dates that showcase your dominant intelligence or athletic talents, but those kinds of activities might be a lot more fun for you than your companion. Nothing ruins the mood more than shouting “in your face” after you win!

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