Aries Monthly Love Horoscope for Month of November 2022

Month of November 2022

Your assertive home planet Mars is spinning backward all month while paired with extraordinary critical thinker Gemini. While you’re anxious to get going on a romantic goal, it will be beneficial to spend more time in the planning phase for now.

The dramatic effect of a full moon and lunar eclipse in your zone of self-worth and material possessions hits hard on November 8, so it becomes dangerously tempting to spend a ton of money on something you really want that will improve your love life. Do you need it, Aries? Probably not, but with your expenditures linked so closely to your emotions, you aren’t in the mood to deprive yourself of anything.

Lovely Venus meets up with adventurous fire sign Sagittarius on the fifteenth, and for the next few weeks you could get into some real trouble if you wanted to. You’re anxious to get out and explore the world and meet exciting people, and you’re open to having some pretty wild experiences. The word “no” isn’t really in your vocabulary, except when it comes to turning down fun.

On November 28, a Mars-Saturn trine reminds you that putting solid effort into romantic opportunities yields excellent results, but can you tear yourself away from the good times long enough to focus on something more worthwhile? Yes, if it means there are some solid rewards in the future.

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