Weekly Finstrology Update for August 28: Slowing Down into Holiday Mode

August 24, 2023

Two big downshifts in energy occur this week as Mars enters Libra early Sunday and Uranus turns retrograde in motion late Tuesday. Wednesday night’s full moon could push the S&P 500 to a high before trading activity winds down ahead of the long holiday weekend.

Mars is an action-taker and likes to be in charge of making decisions. In Libra, it is expected to consider other opinions and options before taking action, which is definitely not the planet’s style. Thus, expect more hemming and hawing before forward movement of any kind occurs while Mars remains in Libra through October 11.

Watch for a low in the Nasdaq-100 on Monday, August 28 because Mars is exactly trine the index’s first-trade Mercury while the moon and Pluto conjoin both natal Mercury and Jupiter. In addition, Mars opposes the sensitive first-trade conjunction between Mars and Venus. Look for support near 14,600.

Another planetary signal to slow down and review options occurs when Uranus goes retrograde late Tuesday, where it will remain through late January 2024. In the financially oriented sign of Taurus, the Uranus retrograde is a time to reconsider changes that could be disruptive, the planet’s hallmark. 

Wednesday night’s full moon is the second of the month, or a blue moon. In Pisces, it puts a spotlight on compassion and helping those in need. Watch for the market to react with that sort of feeling to Thursday morning’s reports on jobless claims and personal income. 

The full moon aligns with the S&P 500’s first-trade sun in Pisces, with transiting Mercury trine natal Mars. Mars is going by the market’s natal Jupiter for the first time in two years to stimulate optimism, all of which could create a market peak. Watch 4498-4532 for resistance.

Markets on the Move

GNRC Generac Holdings

Heat records across the country have been dropping like short-lived flies all summer, reminding homeowners of the importance of keeping the electricity on and air conditioners and refrigerators running. Generac is the largest manufacturer of home backup generators. The company was first incorporated in Wisconsin on June 24, 1959, with Mars and Uranus in the same degree of fire sign Leo—all befitting a company that creates electrical power and is the leader in its field. 

The stock for Generac Holdings, the holding company incorporated in Delaware in 2010, began trading on February 11, 2010 under ticker symbol GNRC. The stock’s record high of $524.31 on November 2, 2021 arrived when transiting Jupiter was partile conjunct the stock’s first-trade sun and the original company’s natal moon.

Near-term, look for a high on Friday, September 1, when the Mars/moon opposition is aligned with the stock’s first-trade Saturn and the sun opposes the first-trade Jupiter. A low could appear on September 25 when first-trade Mercury receives a trine from the sun and conjunction from the moon. The stock’s first-trade Sun is trined by transiting Mars and opposed by Venus

GNRC’s Venus is activated on October 13, when prices could make a high as transiting Mars is partile trine, transiting Saturn is partile conjunct and transiting Venus is opposite. On that same day, the sun and Mercury trine the stock’s natal sun. A low in price could arrive on November 2 when the sun and moon complete a grand trine with the market’s first-trade Jupiter, providing easy support; with transiting Venus opposite first-trade Uranus, the move could be somewhat surprising.

Weekly Highlights

  • Crude Oil High on Monday, August 28—The moon and Pluto form a T-square with the market’s important Mars/Pluto axis, with transiting Mars nearly conjunct natal Pluto. Retrograde Venus is exactly trine the market’s Mercury and square its Venus. Watch $80.30 per barrel, basis October futures, for resistance.
  • 10-yr. T-note Low on Monday, August 28—Transiting Mars makes its biennial return to its first-trade position, which is part of a sensitive axis with Venus in opposition. In addition, the moon and Pluto are squaring that axis. The next significant downside support is 107-08, basis September futures.
  • Gold High on Tuesday, August 29—Today’s Venus/moon opposition is aligned with the market’s first-trade moon. Transiting Mercury and Jupiter form a grand trine with first-trade Mercury while the sun is in an easy trine with its natal position. In December futures, resistance could appear near $1990 per oz.
  • Soybeans Low on Thursday, August 31—The full moon aligns with the markets natal Mars, while also trine and sextile to the important natal Venus/Uranus axis. Also, transiting Mars conjoins first-trade Mercury. Watch $13.38 per bu., basis November futures, for support.

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