Weekly Finstrology Update for February 27: Calm Before the Storm

February 24, 2023

It’s a quiet week on the astrological front that promises March will come in like a lamb. All of the week’s planetary action occurs on Thursday, March 2. 

Venus and Jupiter align in Aries shortly after midnight, providing a beneficial spin to big projects that need funding to move forward. 

Just minutes after the New York Stock Exchange opens, Mercury conjoins Saturn in the late degrees of Aquarius that suggests a realistic view and reaction to the U.S. Jobless Claims report released an hour earlier. Weekly unemployment figures have been running below pre-Covid levels all year, and perhaps this is the day it sinks it about what that means for the economy.

Mercury’s insights enter a different realm at 5:52 pm Thursday when it enters the sign of Pisces and must be far more intuitive and creative, which it doesn’t care for much. Mercury far prefers the intellectual brilliance and acuity of Aquarius, so the shift into Pisces could be jarring for Friday’s trade. While Mercury is in Pisces, through March 18, market reports and data could be hard to interpret without adding in a layer of intuitive feel.  

Markets on the Move

NSC | Norfolk Southern Corp.

The Norfolk Southern railroad remains in the news following a February 3 derailment in eastern Ohio of 38 railcars carrying hazardous materials that spilled and caught fire. Three days later, the railroad burned some of the spilled chemicals to prevent an explosion. 

Three weeks later, citizens remain enraged about the damage done to their community as the federal government steps in to conduct air and water testing and hold the railroad to its promise to clean up the mess. In those three weeks, the railroad’s stock price has fallen more than 10 percent. 

After a consolidation between the Norfolk Western and Southern Railways, the new company’s stock began trading on June 2, 1982. It hit its record high of $299.19 on December 31, 2021 as transiting Saturn exactly trined its first-trade sun and Jupiter was trine its natal position. 

Watch for a potential halt to the month-long price decline on Thursday, March 2 when the sun is square to its first-trade position. Venus and Jupiter, both at 12 Aries, are opposite first-trade Saturn. Mercury and Saturn, both at 29 Aquarius, are trining the stock’s natal moon, Pluto and Jupiter. The latter two transits are similar to those at the major low in March 2009. 

Prices could rebound in March toward a high on March 28 when the moon, Mars and Saturn form a grand trine with the stock’s natal Jupiter. At the same time, the sun, Mercury and Jupiter oppose first-trade Mars and Saturn. 

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin High on Tuesday, February 28—Prices could peak as the transiting sun aligns with first-trade Venus while Venus and Jupiter trine first-trade Mars. Look for resistance at $24,990 to $25,090.
  • Soybeans Big High on Tuesday, February 28—Mars and the moon align with the market’s sensitive first-trade moon while Venus and Jupiter oppose the first-trade sun. Prices could face difficulty at $15.58 per bu. in May futures.
  • Crude Oil High on Friday, March 3—The moon and Pluto form a grand square with the market’s strong Mars/Pluto opposition. In addition, Venus and Jupiter are aligned with first-trade Mercury. In the April futures contract, $76.30 per barrel could provide resistance, then $80.30.
  • Gold Big Low on Friday, March 3—The sun’s conjunction with first-trade Jupiter could spur prices higher, especially with Venus and Jupiter trine first-trade Mars. Watch $1783 per oz. in April futures for support, then $1732-$1761.

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