Weekly Finstrology Update for May 6: Halfway Point “Change of Trend”

May 5, 2024

All times Eastern

Sunday, May 5, marks the halfway point between the spring equinox and summer solstice, so it is one of 10 days each year to watch for what legendary trader W.D. Gann called a “change of trend.” For the S&P 500, that could mean the end of a rally on Monday as the transiting sun and Uranus conjoin first-trade Mars while transiting Mars trines natal Uranus. Watch for the market to stall near the 5170 area.

The rest of the week is both more uplifting and quiet. On Tuesday, it’s time to keep your nose to the grindstone as the sun makes an opportunistic sextile to Saturn. Saturn, in Pisces, is all about turning vision into reality and would be happy to have the sun lean into its current Taurus placement to make steady progress.

Tuesday night’s new moon in Taurus emphasizes the idea of staying the course and persisting no matter the difficulties. In addition to its sextile to Saturn, the new moon is conjunct both Jupiter and Uranus. Thus, the new moon’s ability to support intentions about stability and perseverance is greatly enhanced by the Jupiter/Uranus exuberance for new ventures.

Markets on the Move

LUV Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, which built its brand and company on no frills and low fares, is having a rough time in an inflationary environment that increases costs and trickle-down effects from aircraft builder Boeing’s production problems and resulting delays in delivering new airplanes.

After a poor first-quarter earnings report, Southwest announced it would close operations at four airports, limit hiring and offer voluntary time off to employees. The airline also is considering changes to its one-cabin-class, open seating policy.

Southwest Airlines stock began trading on June 27, 1977, about 10 years after the company was incorporated on March 9, 1967. Interestingly, both horoscope charts share the same degree on the ascendant—at 29 degrees Leo; their midheavens are just three degrees apart in late Taurus. Thus, transiting Jupiter crossed the stock’s midheaven on April 30 (five days after the disappointing earnings report) and will do the same on the company’s chart on May 10. Jupiter in the 10th house for each brings outsized attention. 

Sudden opportunities or changes to the company and the stock price could occur as Uranus crosses the midheaven of each chart over the next several months. Uranus hits the stock’s midheaven on May 27 for the first of three times that ends in March 2025; it crosses the company’s midheaven on July 20 for the first of three times that ends in May 2025.

Look for prices to make highs on May 6 and June 18, when the stock’s first-trade Uranus is opposed by transiting Venus, then Mars, respectively. Also, on May 6, the sun is aligned with the stock’s natal moon/Mars opposition. On June 18, the sun, Venus, and Mercury are all aligned with first-trade sun and Mercury. 

Lows in price could occur on May 17 and July 5, when first-trade Venus is activated. On May 17, the sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus are all conjunct first-trade Venus, with the moon trine. On July 5, transiting Mars conjoins natal Venus, with the sun and moon trining the natal moon.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX High on Monday, May 6—Transiting Venus conjoins the market’s first-trade Mercury, a meeting of two planets most associated with the currency markets. Other conjunctions with the first-trade horoscope include: (1) Jupiter/Uranus with the sun/Mars; (2) Pluto with Neptune; and (3) the moon with Saturn. Look for resistance near 1.07750, basis June futures.
  • Gold High on Tuesday, May 7—Two aspects point to a potential high in price—the sun trine first-trade Mercury, and transiting Mercury squaring natal Venus. Playing a supporting role are the moon and Venus, which are trine gold’s natal sun. Watch $2350 per oz. in June futures for resistance.
  • Soybeans Low on Tuesday, May 7—Venus and the moon are aligned with the sensitive Venus/Uranus axis in the first-trade horoscope just a day before the new moon. Mars opposing natal Mercury also could pressure prices. In July futures, look for $11.50 per bu. to provide support.

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