Weekly Finstrology Update for November 27: Mercurial Focus

November 27, 2023

All times Eastern.

Mercury, the planet that rules communications and trading, is in the spotlight this week as it changes signs and prepares to turn retrograde in mid-December. 

Monday’s full moon is in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini, so it could shed light on news of all sorts, particularly issues with two strong sides (like the Gemini twins) or whose details could change quickly. 

Be alert to news that could affect the crude oil market or inflation implications as OPEC meets on Sunday. The oil cartel meets under a square between Mars in freedom-loving Sagittarius and rules-oriented Saturn in Pisces, which could produce tension among participants. Then, Mercury squares Neptune (the ruler of oil) in its ruling sign of Pisces at 8:27 am Monday. This is the first of three exact squares between the two planets, implying that the story unfolding is just beginning and won’t resolve until the aspect is completely over in early January. Issues could be hammered out late in the week as Mercury makes the first of three sextiles with Saturn on Saturday.

Talk becomes serious on Friday when Mercury enters Capricorn at 9:31 am. After the planet turns retrograde on December 13, it will back up into outspoken Sagittarius again on December 23, where it will remain through the retrograde’s end on January 1. Remember that Mercury is now in its shadow period, so tidying up phone, car, and computer repairs are good tasks for your pre-retrograde to-do list.

Markets on the Move

MSFT Microsoft

Microsoft, the software behemoth founded in 1975, had its stock hit a record high over four days of tumultuous news concerning the leadership of OpenAI, a venture of which it owns 49%. OpenAI’s board of directors dismissed CEO Sam Altman on Friday, November 17, then reinstated four days later. In between, Altman accepted an offer from Microsoft to develop an artificial intelligence research lab, and nearly all of OpenAI’s employees threatened to quit. 

Microsoft stock began trading on March 13, 1986, with the horoscope chart featuring both Mars and Uranus at 22 degrees Sagittarius squaring the sun at 22 degrees Pisces. Watch for a high on December 12 when the new moon conjoins first-trade Mars/Uranus while Venus conjoins natal Pluto and transiting Jupiter opposes Pluto. Ten days later, on December 22, prices could make a low as Venus trines the first-trade sun while Mars conjoins Mars/Uranus. When Venus reaches its conjunction with Mars/Uranus on January 16, prices could peak because the moon is conjunct natal Venus in addition to the sun and Pluto squaring the natal moon.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin High on Monday, November 27 — The full moon — along with Mars — creates a mystic rectangle formation with the market’s sensitive moon/Mercury opposition that could make it easy for prices to surge. At the same time, transiting Venus squares the first-trade sun, while transiting Jupiter exactly squares natal Mercury. Prices could find support near $36,880 then $36,250.
  • 10-yr. T-note Low on Thursday, November 30 — Prices could bottom (interest rates peak) with transiting Venus conjunct first-trade Pluto and transiting Pluto sextile natal Venus. The sun and Mars both in a conjunction with first-trade Uranus could also provide a boost. There could be solid support at 107-080, basis January futures.

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