Weekly Finstrology Update for September 25: Timely Resolution

September 23, 2023

Mercury, the planet that rules commerce and trading, is in the spotlight this week and looks to support a timely resolution of government funding beyond September 30. 

Mercury is in its ruling sign of Virgo, in which precision and attention to detail are its primary focus. On Monday morning, Mercury trines Jupiter in Taurus, a financially oriented sign, that could make expanding funding easy. 

The fly in the ointment is Friday’s square between money planet Venus and disrupter Uranus at 1:53 pm. This is their third exact square since early July; the second hit was within a day of when Moody’s lowered credit ratings on several smaller banks. 

However, Friday’s full moon is in Aries, so will highlight emotional urgency to cut a deal and fund the government. That could take until the last minute, though. Mercury exactly trines Uranus in Taurus—surprising financial messages—not until Saturday at 12:55 pm.

Markets on the Move

K Kellogg’s

After more than 100 years as Kellogg Company, creator of the iconic Corn Flakes breakfast cereal in 1894, it will split into two independent, publicly traded companies on Monday, October 2. The company will be renamed Kellanova and retain the “K” trading symbol it has had since it was first listed on May 12, 1959. The second company, WK Kellogg Co., will trade under the ticker symbol KLG. 

Kellanova will focus on the company’s snack products and emerging markets while the WK Kellogg Co., named after company founder W.K. Kellogg, will remain focused on its cereal roots. 

When the two companies begin trading independently, transiting Uranus and the moon will be conjunct the 1959 first-trade sun, indicating that it was time for the stock to break free and have a new identity. That the transition will be easy is indicated by transiting Mercury trine the stock’s 1959 sun. 

The first exact Uranus/sun conjunction to Kellogg (K) was on June 17, between two lows near $64 that later supported a quick rally to near $69. The second exact Uranus/sun conjunction is on November 12, a Sunday. Look for a low on Monday, November 13 because the sun, moon and Mars all will be opposite the first-trade sun as well. 

The final exact Uranus/sun conjunction occurs on April 7, 2024 with transiting Jupiter conjunct the stock’s sun 10 days later. Watch for a potential high on April 15, when optimistic Jupiter and surprising Uranus are aligned with the first-trade sun while the transiting sun squares first-trade Mercury. The stock’s natal Mars that day receives a conjunction from the moon and trines from Mars and Saturn. 

Shorter-term, Kellanova could make a low on October 24 when the moon and Saturn form a grand trine with first-trade Venus and Neptune, while the sun, Mercury and Mars are conjunct natal Neptune.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX High on Monday, September 25—This market’s sensitive natal Venus is receiving a trine from transiting Venus and opposition from transiting Mars. In addition, the moon is squaring natal Mercury while the sun trines its first-trade position. Resistance remains strong in December futures just above $1.07.
  • Crude Oil Low on Friday, September 29—The full moon aligns with the market’s first-trade sun while transiting Jupiter conjoins first-trade Venus. First-trade Mars receives a trine from Venus and opposition from transiting Mars. Support in November futures could appear near $86.80 per barrel.

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