Your Cancer Tarot Cards Are All About Acceptance

June 20, 2019

As the sun shifts into Cancer, spirit offers an encompassing message for all signs to ponder: “It’s okay to be afraid.”

In self-help or spirituality, we are often taught to recite mantras in order to reprogram our subconscious. However, sometimes the jump is too far. For example, if we are fearful, we would repeat, “I am full of courage.” If that feels wonderful and uplifting for you, amazing! But if it doesn’t—if it feels like a lie, if it triggers you and makes you even more anxious—then it isn’t doing you any good.

Instead, be softer, and take little steps instead of one giant leap. Telling yourself, “It’s okay to be afraid” takes the pressure off, and it accepts you as you are. If you feel lonely, say, “It’s okay to feel lonely.” If you feel hopeless, say, “It’s okay to feel hopeless.” It’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling; the more we stop fighting ourselves, the more we learn to face what is. From this place, we can ease into the next step to get to a better place.

Your Tarotscopes below will help you tune into what your soul needs to focus on or address during this Cancer season. Read with your sun, moon, and rising signs in mind.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?


4 of Swords and 4 of Pentacles

Dear Aries, this Cancer season it is time to slow down, take care of ourselves, and loosen our grip on things that are out of our control.

The 4 of Swords invites us to rest and recover. In a world of doing, the thought of doing nothing causes anxiety to a lot of people. Review which things are actually important, and which things are nonsense. Rest is just as important as action. The 4 of Pentacles asks you to look at what you cling on to. Are you trying to control someone’s behavior? Are you desperately clinging on to a false identity? Do hold on to money too tight? This energy is rigid, unmoving, and uncompromising.

Let’s put our minds at ease—we cannot control every little thing in our lives. The more we allow, the more we are in the flow, the more we can relax. Let’s take ourselves out of anxiety, of the frantic rat race, of expecting others to act as we want them to. Breathe and take it easy, the only thing we can truly control is our reaction to what life throws at us.
What’s your sun sign’s twinning Tarot card?


7 of Pentacles and The Empress

Dear Taurus, this Cancer season invest time and energy in caring for yourself in every possible way.

The 7 of Pentacles reminds us that patience is a virtue. Instant gratification can be wonderful, but so can watching something grow organically, and allowing nature to take its course. Nurturing the garden can bring as much satisfaction as watching the flowers bloom. The Empress exalts the divine feminine. She understands the importance of beauty, pleasure, self-care, and the healing powers of nature. She is the power of creation. A majestic piece of art, feeling sexy and alive, taking a calming walk through a forest, indulging in delicious foods—this is Empress energy.

We are being invited to truly nurture ourselves. Take time doing whatever makes you feel joyous, luxurious, and attractive. Take time to pour love into yourself. Don’t rush it. It can be something you schedule in monthly, weekly, or even daily. Your mind, body, spirit, and heart will all benefit in the long-term. As the kids say these days, “Treat yoself!”


9 of Swords and Ace of Swords

Dear Gemini, this Cancer season you have the opportunity to release yourself from the beliefs that cause you pain and hold you back?

The 9 of Swords is not usually a welcomed card in a Tarot spread; it is a card of sorrow, pain, and restlessness. However, this card is full of healing energy because it invites us to look at the ways we are creating this sorrow, pain, and restlessness. It reminds us to take responsibility for our own well-being. The Ace of Swords clears the fog of confusion. It brings clarity, epiphanies, and brilliant new ideas. It’s that moment when everything suddenly makes sense, and you reach a new level of understanding.

You are coming into a deeper knowing of how you are harming yourself. Even if you are going through very tough and painful situations, how are you making it worse? You are now being given the gift of insight, receive it and step into your power. You must discipline your mind, your thoughts, your reactions. You can heal yourself.


6 of Wands and The Emperor

Dear Cancer, happy birthday! This season, you are being invited out of your shell, and into the spotlight.

The 6 of Wands is the card of success and victory. This success is earned and deserved. It asks you to take note of how you feel about the idea of winning, and of being congratulated. Do you think that others must fall for you to rise? Do you shy away when people gift you with praise and compliments? The Emperor exalts the divine masculine. It is about structure, space, and stability. It relates to how you provide for yourself and others, how you embody the role of leadership. It relates to how you feel about being seen, being heard, and your confidence.

You can no longer play small. Can you see yourself as the Emperor dear Cancer? Can you accept your own power? This is not the power that oppresses, it is the power that leads and inspires. Can you allow yourself to succeed? You are here to shine, to take up space, you are here because you have important things to accomplish. Let others see all the amazing things you can do.


Page of Cups and Queen of Cups

Dear Leo, this Cancer season get comfortable in the sea of emotions, you will be gifted with powerful water energy.

The Page of Cups is the messenger. She brings news of wonderful excitement, things that lift your spirit and make you smile. She also asks you to find the messages in your emotions. Your feelings are your internal guidance system. They carry deep and important information about yourself. The Queen of Cups is the element of water exalted. She is intuitive, emotionally nurturing, and highly empathic. She is a healer, and she encourages you to feel—and to not judge yourself for feeling.

Throughout your day, pause and listen to what your emotions are communicating to you. Intuition and empathy are subtle. Intuition leads us toward our soul path, and away from what hinders us, but we have to be quiet enough and pay attention. Empathy reminds us that we are one, and also reminds us that we must be tuned in enough to know when what we are feeling is ours or another’s. Tap into your intuitive and empathic powers, let your emotions be the messengers—they will help guide you toward places of peace, love, and joy.


Justice and 8 of Cups

Dear Virgo, this Cancer season take a look at what is and decide if you are happy with it, or if you want something different.

The Justice card is about reality, it’s about taking a look at your present circumstances without judgment, and with full acceptance. It gifts the hindsight of understanding why you are where you are. The 8 of Cups is about leaving. This can be anything from a job to a friendship, a relationship, a location, or even a habit or a way of thinking. There is a sense of sadness, but also hope, because even if you can’t see what’s on the other side, you know it is better than what is.

You have the power to change your life and circumstance by changing your state of mind or moving through what has been troubling you. Review the things in your life that you know cannot stay the same. If you don’t have the power to transform them, can you transform yourself? Or can you leave this behind, knowing that there is something greater beyond the mountains?


The Lovers and Queen of Wands

Dear Libra, this Cancer season shine your inner light, radiate warmth, and show how attractive self-love is.

Everyone gets super excited when The Lovers card is drawn. It is a wonderful card, but I like to direct it toward the self, first, magnifying the power of self-love and how the loving energy we give to ourselves is the best way to manifest love in the outer world.  The Queen of Wands is the life of the party, she is charismatic and full of grace and confidence. We love her because she connects with us on an emotional level, and she is genuine in her interactions, there is nothing fake or contrived about the Queen of Wands.

Step into the power of the Queen of Wands. If you don’t see yourself as this beautiful being of light, why not? How are you dulling your glow? How are you keeping the world from experiencing the wonderful being that you are? Love is the answer. Love yourself as you do your partner, your friends, or your family. Look at yourself through the eyes of your biggest supporters—not to boost your ego, but to come to the realization that the love between you and you needs to come first.
This Tarot card points to time alone.


King of Cups and 6 of Pentacles

Dear Scorpio, this Cancer season be there for others, give in the best way you know how, through your heart.

The King of Cups always reminds me of the supportive and loving father figure. He is not coddling, but he knows just the right things to say when you feel down. He understands because he’s been there, too. He helps you feel strong, and he makes sure what you are feeling is acknowledged. The 6 of Pentacles is the card of generosity. Whether you are the one giving or the one receiving, generosity is such a beautiful and divine act. We are here, on this planet, to help others. We are here to lift each other up, to spread love, to connect.

You carry so much wisdom. Share this knowledge with those who can use it. Be the support system for others that you relied on when you were going through it. Listen without judgment, and show others that true growth comes from experience, no matter how painful or uncomfortable. If you are the one who needs help, turn to those who embody this King of Cups energy.


8 of Pentacles and 2 of Swords

Dear Sagittarius, this Cancer season work toward creating healthy and sustainable boundaries.

The 8 of Pentacles is the card of diligence. This energy brings discipline, hard work, and steady effort into accomplishing a goal. There are no shortcuts, but there is also no rush. The 2 of Swords is often interpreted as indecision, not seeing what lies before you, or a stalemate. However, to me, it resonates more as protection. The swords crossed saying you cannot enter, and the blindfolds saying I don’t want to see or hear your excuses, no means no.

It takes us a long time, perhaps even a lifetime, to truly understand what we will and will not put up with. Boundaries are ever-evolving, there is no finish line, as we and our circumstances change, so do our needs. Ask yourself if your present boundaries work for you. There is no wrong or right, but it is important to be conscious of how and why you are protecting yourself.


The Chariot and The Hanged Man

Dear Capricorn, this Cancer season two polarized energies ask you to integrate, find balance, and dynamically work toward your goal.

The Chariot is the “GO!” card. It is about freedom, movement, force, and action. There is a feeling of breaking your chains and finally going after what you want. It also asks you to take only what you need, in order to succeed you must leave what burdens you. The Hanged Man is the card of inaction. It asks you to meditate, to look at things from a different perspective, to wait for the perfect timing. It’s the cocoon stage before the rebirth and flight of the butterfly.

What to do with these seemingly opposite cards? In times of intense speed and determination, find moments of pause and solace. Green light, yellow light, red light. Go, slow, and stop. Find the rhythm in this. When you give yourself the time to rest and tune in, you replenish yourself, you gain new insight, you find new ways to get where you want to go, and you gain a deeper understanding of why you want to get there.


The Hierophant and Queen of Swords

Dear Aquarius, this Cancer season find your spiritual truths, embark on self-discovery, and be incredibly discerning with what you find.

The Hierophant embodies that moment when you read that spiritual article that opens your world and inspires you to learn more about philosophy, psychology, the occult, religion, or anything that is new and helps you understand yourself and the world. The Queen of Swords is the cynic—not because she does not believe in anything, but because she needs proof, and if something feels like bullshit to her, she will call it out. She is not cold, just unapologetically truthful.

There is a lot that will not resonate with you when you embark on your spiritual journey. That is okay. You are allowed to deny the teachings of one master in favor of another. You are allowed to make this deeply personal. You don’t have to accept every “truth” that a spiritual teacher declares. It is okay, and probably healthy, to be a skeptic. The Queen of Swords wants you to question everything you learn—this will only guide you closer to your own spirituality.


The Star and King of Wands

Dear Pisces, this Cancer season there is hope and healing available to you, and you are being guided to share your story.

The Star is my favorite card in the deck, it is definitive light at the end of the tunnel. It comes after the destruction of The Tower. It is the deep knowing that difficult times are temporary, and you will come to a time of peace, prosperity, and love. The King of Wands is the element of fire exalted. He is passionate, full of energy, and is a natural born leader. He forges his own path, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and inspires others with his brilliance and presence.
What difficulties have made you stronger? What heartbreaking experiences have shaped the wonderful person you are now? Let others know. Inspire others with your personal journey. You have the power to heal and encourage others, through sharing what brought you hope during the darkest hours. You can be the north star that guides others when lost.