51 Tarot Card Questions to Ask During a Reading

March 30, 2022

Tarot reading got you stumped? Here are some great questions about love, career, spirituality, and more to get the most out of your Tarot reading.

We spoke to Xavier Villanova, Tarot reader for Tarot By Maisy regarding how to make the most of Tarot when formulating questions.

‘Good’ vs. ‘Bad’ Questions

According to Villanova, there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” question because … if you think about it … Tarot has no moral opinion on what you’re asking. He does mention that there are some ethical points to keep in mind, however, when reading for yourself or others. For one: asking questions that obstruct someone else’s private space. Additionally, “health-related issues are best left attended by a licensed physician,” he says.

Villanova also advises against asking questions you’re not ready to receive answers for. According to him, sometimes, things are better left unsaid in the present moment.  

How to Frame Questions

Keep it short. This is so the answer can be precise, says Villanova.

Keep it to one question. Bulking three questions into one will be hard for Tarot to decipher—and therefore answer. Once you get your card, how will you know which one Tarot is responding to? 

Make it direct. Villanova says Tarot won’t know what to do with an open-ended question. So, it’s best to be poignant about what you’re asking.

Love Questions

Here are a couple of revealing love questions.

  1. What blocks me from receiving the love I want?
  2. What’s my current relationship with love?
  3. Do I believe in love?
  4. Do I believe I deserve love?
  5. What do I need to work on to find love?
  6. What kind of person do I normally go for?
  7. Who should I be going for?
  8. Why didn’t my ex and I work out?
  9. What did I learn from my ex-relationship?
  10. How can I better approach love?

Relationship Questions

Villanova gives us a few questions about relationships that will make you want to pick up the cards and ask about your partner.

  1. How does [person] feel about me?
  2. Do we have a future together?
  3. What are we learning together in this life?
  4. What’s the nature of our bond?
  5. What’s the long-term potential here?
  6. Are we soulmates or twin flames?
  7. Did we have a past life connection?
  8. Who is more invested at this point?
  9. Are we on the same page regarding family?
  10. Are we on the same page regarding the future?

Career Questions

Villanova provides some work-oriented questions to get your career off the ground.

  1. Where should I drive my focus?
  2. Should I stay in this job?
  3. Is this a good time for me to start a business?
  4. What are my chances of getting this promotion?
  5. Am I on the right career path?
  6. If I switched career paths, the next path should have something to do with …?
  7. What are my career strengths?
  8. What are my career weaknesses?

Spirituality Questions

These are questions to help you figure out your faith and how to connect to the center a bit better.

  1. Are my chakras balanced?
  2. Do I feel at peace?
  3. How does my work-life balance look right now?
  4. What do I need to add more of in my life to live more fully?
  5. Should I try this practice?
  6. Would I do well in this practice?
  7. How is my relationship with my body?
  8. How is my relationship with my soul?
  9. Am I on the right path right now?

Self-Development Questions

Ready to explore your shadow self? Here are a few shadow-side Tarot questions to dive into. 

  1. What does my shadow self look like?
  2. What does my shadow self make me believe?
  3. What fear does my shadow self target?
  4. What do I need to heal?
  5. After understanding my shadow self, who will I become?
  6. How can I love myself more?
  7. What does my relationship with myself look like?

Family Questions

Family drama and tension are normal. Here are a couple of questions to ask Tarot when you don’t know which way to turn. 

  1. In their perspective, what do I look like?
  2. From my perspective of them, what am I missing?
  3. How can I better relate to my family member?
  4. What are they hoping to receive from me?
  5. Will my family reconnect?
  6. Will we be able to see each other within the next year?
  7. What do I take for granted about my family?


How do you perform a love Tarot reading?

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to perform a Tarot reading. Just decide on the questions, pick the cards, and you’re good to go! If you’d like to hold a carnelian crystal (for passion) or rose quartz (for love), that would be helpful as you’re drawing the cards. 

Are the cards always right?

According to Villanova, nothing is ever set in stone, so the cards can’t be right or wrong about anything. “The cards are not right or wrong,” he explains. “They are a guide to better understand what was, is, and might end up being… if you keep doing what you’re doing at this time.” 

Should I believe my Tarot reading?

Always take your Tarot reading with a grain of salt. Tarot is a tool to help you navigate tough times, but it is not a direct map to success. 

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