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If you're not comfortable with soft numbers, then don't let yourself be dragged into using them....

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Deep emotions surrounding money affect everything, from your ability to earn it to your...

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Rushing through is keeping you from doing some important calculations. You're essentially throwing...

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Don't forget that what you're signing is a legal document. If you're not sure if you ultimately...

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You're keeping it all together, and that's about more than just numbers. You're keeping a roof over...

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If you give yourself unrealistic goals, you'll only be setting yourself up for disappointment, and...

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You don't have to choose between generosity and stinginess, even now. You can give without...

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Keep your strength up, you'll need it. Short of a rebirth, you're not going to see huge changes any...

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You just want to be left alone. That's understandable, given your fantastic imagination. As amazing...

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If you stayed organized all year, then you shouldn't find yourself in too much of a bind right...

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Paper work involving numbers brings up deep, unpleasant feelings. Use them to your advantage, just...

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If the bottom line has been a bit fuzzy in your own mind, then it's time to start getting down to...

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