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You've put off lazy, selfish pursuits for long enough. Today you get to indulge. You're giving...

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Going over the top is your natural inclination no matter what the activity is. You've already...

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You have no feeling of ownership when it comes to certain projects. If the one who wraps things up...

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You've had plenty of golden opportunities in life so far, but that doesn't mean there won't be more...

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Computers are but a shallow way to keep up with your friendships. Don't let focusing on money keep...

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If you want something deep and meaningful out of life, don't bother looking for it in stores or...

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Don't take things too seriously. A bit of flirting doesn't a romance make. Keep things light and...

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Money is elusive, but that only makes you want it more. You're being caught up in a game of cat and...

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The most valuable things, as it turns out, really are free. The love of your friends is worth more...

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It takes the right map to meet certain challenges but you're just not able to connect all the dots....

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Nip personal issues in the bud, just as you would financial issues. Why act above it all when it's...

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You have a chip on your shoulder and it's not a valuable one. You're walking around as if everyone...

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