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Take it easy. Don't let the day start to take on a faster pace than you want. You need the breather...

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If not thinking about finance is out of character for you, then consider this your day to practice....

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You don't have to meet lots of people to have a great day, but it won't hurt. Think about all the...

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Some might think you need to break out of your shell, but you know your personal reality better...

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If you're not impressed with your own finances, don't expect anyone else to be. But on the other...

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When you get out of bed you have the chance of having either a good or a bad day. The more the...

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You have enough energy of the good variety to do something about a nagging problem, or two. You...

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You're used to being careful in business matters, but not in personal ones. You should keep your...

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Try as you might, you just can't focus your thoughts for long today. That's fine, because there's...

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Don't go overboard, whether you're feeling physical or intellectual or anything in between. Make it...

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You'll have a good day if you get your point across, but that's harder than usual. You'll have to...

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You'll know just what you want to do the moment you wake up. Unfortunately, all clarity dissolves...

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