Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope

July 13, 2024

Get ready for extra fun on the cosmic docket now and in the weeks ahead, Aquarius. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of romance and beauty, is bringing her magic touch to your life, love, and relationships. She will continue to be ignited in a fellow fixed sign—fiery Leo—and radiate the energy for all other zodiac signs to enjoy. Singles have a higher likelihood of meeting a prospective suitor if they put themselves out there and line up many options. Don't just sit in the shadows! Strut your stuff and attract someone new. This person could even be a soulmate or true love connection!

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Daily Couples Aquarius Horoscope

It's time for you and your partner to get grounded. Think about the ways having a routine can actually free up a lot of time. Structure is an essential part of being creative and fulfilled.

Daily Bonus Aquarius Horoscope

Be careful with how you use your time today, and don't make too many assumptions.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of July 7, 2024

When the moon squares your ruling planet, Uranus, on the night of the eighth, moodiness is in the cards. You're also likely to be even more headstrong than usual. If you're doubling down, make sure you're on a hill you don't mind dying on. This is not a great time for making hasty decisions, as...

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Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of July 2024

If you like your romance novels to contain a good twist, you’ll love this month, Aquarius! Your love life has more drama than usual when Mercury pairs up with Leo on July 2, and you might find yourself doing and saying things that are quite out of the ordinary. Adopting a more flamboyant style...

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Aquarius Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2024

Will love be an airy mystery, a suffocating prison, or something in between this year? Taking an unusual approach to romance helps you find what you’re looking for, but agreeing to be somewhat traditional will probably help you keep it. Okay, Aquarius, so maybe you aren’t always the most exciting...

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