aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of August 1, 2021

Week of August 1, 2021

There may be a lot of strain on your relationships as this week begins. On August 2, the sun in your cooperative seventh house will oppose Saturn in Aquarius, revealing the ways your commitment to yourself may be creating distance in your relationships. If you’re craving more independence or you feel a need to focus on your own needs right now, a relationship may be changing in the process.

However, just because you’re not as close doesn’t mean there’s any less love in your life. By August 3, Venus in your intimate eighth house will trine Uranus in your compassionate fourth house, reviving you with the nurturing and care that you need. You may even be surprised by where you find it, revealing to you a stronger love that you didn't even know was there.

By the end of the week, friction and uncertainty in a relationship are certainly possible. On August 6, the sun will square off with Uranus, evoking changes in your personal life that may not feel comfortable at first. There’s no way to perfectly predict someone’s future behavior and this is a reminder that people can surprise each other. However, these surprises only allow you both a deeper glimpse into your psyches.