aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of October 17, 2021

Week of October 17, 2021

Let’s be real, Aquarius. Your relationship has been very intense for the past few months. This week, you are deciding if it’s time to go or stay. Now, the answer may not appear to be so simple, but it really is. Stop allowing yourself to be confused and gaslighted by others. Step up and be strong-headed in what you want. If you’re finding that the relationship has lost its luster and you’re not interested anymore, perhaps it’s time to pack your bags on October 18. 

The one thing that is holding you back from making moves is that your idealistic nature is allowing you to believe that things will change. If they haven’t changed already during Mercury retrograde, then they probably won’t change, as this was a time of growth and evolution for your relationship. 

It’s time for you to get your head out of the clouds and back into reality. Focus on getting your ducks in a row so you can start making decisions for the future and aligning with a vision that works for you. Then, you will totally be able to start to plan out your long-term romantic goals (with or without, but probably without your current partner) and attain your lusty visions of love with ease.