Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of June 4, 2023

Your ruling planet, Saturn, shares a soft connection with the moon on the ninth, heightening your wit while giving you permission to set boundaries where they are needed. This is a great time to get a little bit of flirting in, but be sure to keep people at arm's length. You can sometimes rush into relationships, lovely Aquarius. While the Pisces moon might inspire you to embrace romantic connections without caution, it would be wise if you let things unfold more slowly for the time being. 

The last quarter moon on June 10 inspires you to get involved in your local community. Do some research to find out if there are any holiday events you can get involved with, especially if they're geared towards singles. Follow this trend for the next several weeks, but don't feel disheartened if you don't meet anyone special right away. Conversely, these vibes could leave you feeling more lonely than usual, but you'll want to resist the urge to reach out to any of your exes, no matter how strong the temptation may be. 

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Don't try to fight the weirdness (or whatever passes for weirdness in your already weird life) on Monday. Just let it slide and sleep in until Tuesday, when things pick up in a big, big way. Your energy level will be sky-high, and you will be consumed by a new idea that will get you moving closer to where you really need to be. Look out for yourself all week, but don't dis anyone who doesn't deserve it. Be a little more careful with money late in the week. Take your show on the road Sunday and help save the world a little.

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