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Indulging in fantasy is the only way to make dreams eventually overlap with reality. Imagine where...

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Give yourself just one more day to consider the possibilities. All the restless energy you've...

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Your usual method could use a change. Sure, it works for you, but you could have a much more...

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It's a good time to reevaluate everything in your life. Most things make the cut, but some, it goes...

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Life is getting more interesting around the workplace, and your ideas are contributing to that new...

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You're looking to the future. While you're at it, it's a good time to come up with some plans....

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If you get excited about the day at all, it will be when imagining what you want from your future....

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It's the perfect day to do as little as possible. Physically, that is. Mentally and emotionally,...

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Stick with your current project. If that means resting up to confront the obstacles you know are in...

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You're dreaming of your career. The stars line up to turn those dreams into blueprints. It may seem...

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All the energy of the past few weeks will take some time to dissipate. Letting your mind wander is...

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Exactly what you want from life isn't clear, but what you want from your job suddenly is. You've...

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