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Fostering a spirit of trust is all well and good, but being just plain gullible in any setting is a...

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You took a pretty heavy hit recently, and you're still reeling from it. Find a way to build up your...

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This independent streak of yours means that others will bother you to no end -- like now. Maintain...

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Long-distance connections are where it's at. So if you've lost touch with your college BFF or want...

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Everyone else is interested in talking over each other, but you're willing to listen. This openness...

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You have plenty on your own agenda at the moment, like you always do. Still, when someone asks for...

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Today you won't be as interested in workplace gossip as usual -- possibly because you're working...

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Whether you're kicking off a large-scale, long-term project (such as a kitchen remodel) or taking...

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Take care of that one minor task you've been putting off for months and months, even if it means...

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You may make a key connection just when you least expect it. Don't be afraid to extend yourself to...

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Today, tackle a project with a handpicked partner you'd normally handle solo. It'll go much more...

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Your criticisms will be ready to go, but if you take a second look, you'll likely to see something...

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Grounding Elements -

The Stars Are Shady as F*Ck This Week. Let This Playlist Be a Warning

This week, the stars align to F up your flow. Use this playlist to course-correct your heart!

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