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It's a good time to brainstorm projects for the future. You aren't wedded to one option over...

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Check in with a boss about your progress. Whether you usually work with lots of supervision or...

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Expect to encounter plenty of challenges in the course of your workday. You're like a movie hero...

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It's a perfect time to work as an ambassador to other departments. You're good at building bridges...

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Decisions are surprisingly clear. You can anticipate the way following this lead or rejecting that...

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It's a good time to think twice about the way you deliver the goods. A touch of culture or a hint...

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Give yourself plenty of prep time whether you're facing a boss or a class. You want to be prepared...

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It's an excellent time to start new projects. You have the kind of energy and fresh outlook that...

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You can make even a walk through a rough neighborhood into an aesthetic experience. You notice all...

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The double duty you're being asked to perform could feel overwhelming. Don't try to do both jobs...

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Things are not progressing as you'd planned. Once you get over the surprise of comparing the...

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Finally, you've hit on an arrangement that makes you look forward to work and function efficiently....

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