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June represents opportunities, with distraction being the main challenge. The diversions put too...

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You are creatively impressive this month, so let your imagination flow freely. Add the latter to...

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The curious Gemini mind is on money, with a very lively interest. That is what makes you a money...

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There’s no limit to what you can achieve if you’re excited and in motion. Begin the month on June 1...

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June puts the “plan” in planets. Make plans resourcefully, and carry them out one step at a time....

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June is a month alive with copious snippets of information. To help, ruling Mercury in thinking...

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It’s a déjà vu feeling when disruptions feel oh, so familiar. That’s because they are, and that...

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Go back and reconnect in June. The stars say luck and talent are with you, but you can’t just sit...

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Hey, workaholic! You have lots to do this month, so don’t let anything hold you back. On June 1,...

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You intuitively know when to stop and when to start again as you proceed with good timing in June....

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June is the start of summer and symbolic of adapting to nature, situations, and demands of the time...

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Everything in moderation, including moderation. It’s an auspicious month, but don’t overreach....

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Stellar Guidance

How Will Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Affect Me?

The planet of illusion stations retrograde in dreamy, empathetic Pisces on June 18, 2018, and stays there for a little over five months. Find out what this means for you with these horoscopes!

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