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If you haven’t already, begin the process of getting what you want instead of waiting for it to...

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Saying what needs to be said helps you get around the obstacles standing in your path to success....

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July’s thoughts do not stay in one place. They distract you from your course and introduce multiple...

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The keyword for July is “consistency” - predictability you can count on that keeps you from...

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he tide turns with two eclipses. Something new is born as old remnants are thrown off in July....

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Reveal talents and reap rewards in July. Take the opportunity to put your skills to the greatest...

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This month you find what from the past has use and value, and you will profit from the experiences....

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Welcome to “focus and strategy” July, when responsibilities and iron-clad commitments are key....

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Concentrate on what you’re doing. The focus leads to step-by-step progress. Think and plan your...

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You won’t believe who crosses your path in the month of July, which is why it is to your advantage...

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July accents liberation and freedom from complications. It doesn’t get much better than the trine...

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You may fantasize and plan, but carry things out in July. Go somewhere. What better time to do this...

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Stellar Guidance

5 Warning Signs of Bad Astrology Reading

Weed out the fakes with these 5 things to watch out for during an astrology reading.

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