taurus Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2021

Month of July 2021

Taurus With your romantic ruling planet Venus in passionate fire sign Leo to start the month, you love to be adored! If a current or potential partner isn’t paying enough attention to you, you might try to get your flirt on somewhere else. Most of it is harmless fun, but once a spark is ignited it could get out of control pretty easily!

A stressful square between aggressive Mars in Leo and eccentric Uranus in your steady sign on July 3 could throw some unforeseen obstacles in the way of romantic progress. Not seeing eye to eye with someone important in your life can set you back in unexpected ways. It’s your life, but you care what others think of how you’re living it.

When Venus exits impromptu Leo and enters fellow earth sign Virgo on the twenty-first, your love life becomes practical, punctual, and precise. The details are all that matter now—perhaps a little too much. Try to keep the big picture in mind when you get mired down by minutiae.

Your secure sign has been hosting nurturing asteroid Ceres, but on July 31 it says goodbye and partners with agile Gemini. Your curiosity is piqued now, and reading books or signing up for online classes can be very beneficial. Pretty confident you already know all you need to know about the art of romance? Think again!