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Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of April 2024

Get ready to enter an intense period of self-reflection as thoughtful Mercury goes retrograde in direct Aries and your intuitive zone of the subconscious on April 1. Your ability to uncover your own hidden emotions and thought patterns can help you understand how your behaviors influence past, current, and potential relationships.

On the fourth, your lovely planetary guide Venus also moves into dominant, passionate Aries, turning up the heat on your sex life. Some very base animal urges come out now, and the intense desire you feel for someone (a current partner or crush) might actually surprise you. Quickies are oddly satisfying now.

On April 19, the brilliant sun moves into your steady sign, automatically attracting people to you who are looking for safety and security. Your confidence increases too, allowing you to show off your best traits without coming off as overly conceited. You know what you have to offer, Taurus, and the person you’re with should appreciate you.

Glamorous Venus moves into your sign on the twenty-ninth, highlighting physical appearance. As a true appreciator of physical aesthetics and pleasure, you can’t stop giving compliments to someone you adore. Your intensity in this area might endear you to a current lover, but it could give a potential one the icks, tbh. You might want to hold something back until you know each other better to lay it on that thick.

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