taurus Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of May 9, 2021

Week of May 9, 2021

You may start to feel more grounded in your love life as this week begins. As of May 8, Venus will have entered your stable second house, encouraging you to let go of fickle relationships in favor of dependable ones. You want to know that someone is going to be there for you when times get rough. In fact, on May 10, Mercury in your down-to-earth second house will sextile Chiron in your spiritual twelfth house, inspiring you to heal yourself by embracing a kind of love that is also reliable.

On May 11, the new moon in Taurus will take place, encouraging you to focus on yourself and your own development instead of concerning yourself with significant others and lovers. Take this moment to treat yourself like your own lover by showering yourself with praise, making a commitment to self-improvement, and honoring your independence. You don’t need someone to complete you.

In fact, by May 13, you may find the love you’re looking for through your platonic friendships and your community. As the sun in Taurus will sextile Neptune in your extraverted eleventh house, you may feel overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude simply by socializing with like-minded people. And as the moon-Venus conjunction dances in your sensual second house, you may find feelings developing for someone who makes you feel supported and understood.