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A bumpy Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 2 aims to confuse you, but Capricorn’s practical influence grounds you and makes romantic decisions easier than they would have been without it. You’re feeling impatient, especially when a current or potential partner drags their feet starting a plan or project you’re gung-ho about, but luckily the Goat’s presence gives you the tolerance and persistence you need to see things through without making any rash decisions.

An optimistic new moon is in close conjunction with the sun in Aries on the fifteenth, so heading in a new direction (with a current partner or someone new) is a good possibility. And you don’t even need a map as you head out on your new adventure because you’d rather be surprised around every turn.

Venus moves into Gemini, a kindred air sign, on April 24, and you love the easiness and freedom that this transit provides. Romance moves at an exciting pace, and you live for clever innuendos and quick-witted flirting. When love is this lighthearted, single Water Bearers have a great time playing the field. Attached Aquarians don’t want to be bogged down, either, but if you’ve chosen a committed path, you appreciate a lover who is willing to veer away from convention and experiment.

Stellar Guidance


Ah, Pluto. The tiny brute stationed retrograde over the weekend, and is now asking you to do some deep work. Let us help you get through it with these horoscopes written for both your sun and rising signs.

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