Monthly RomanticScope: aquarius

September 2017
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You can get very "heady" about romance sometimes, preferring to think it out rather than feel it. However, the month begins with two shocking aspects, on September 2 and 3, that connect you back to your needs in love. If you’re single and looking for something new and exciting, this is the time to go out and do some serious flirting. For those already in relationships, try the Full Moon of September 6 as an opportune time to sneak away from your mundane tasks and find a way to get in some serious smooching. On September 9, you’re beginning to notice changes in your personality due to the love you feel, and it’s having a great effect on you. Although you may not be head over heels for someone close to you, the slow and steady approach actually yields better results. On September 13, try not to put your foot in your mouth by accident. Even trying to be funny could backfire if you aren’t careful. September 13 and 15 allow you to get back on your feet in love. Focus not on mistakes but on how much you’re learning about each other. Every bit of it helps you grow closer.

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