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In romance, you like to have a lot of choices. This month, as two aspects happen on November 2 and 3, you’re all about trying out a few dating partners to see who is best for you. If you’re single and looking for new love, you have your eye on someone special by the full moon of the fourth. Those in partnerships are in for a fun but unexpected surprise on November 11, when a supportive aspect asks that you make the extra effort with your partner to keep things fresh between you. On the thirteenth, your efforts to reconnect are working great. Leaving little notes for one another to find or sending cute texts throughout the day bonds you even tighter. An aspect on November 16 supports scheduling a romantic evening out, as does the new moon of the eighteenth when you can share all your plans for the future. You could lose your temper around the nineteenth when a challenging aspect tests your patience with a partner. Everyone’s late sometimes, but on every date? That isn’t going to work. By November 21, you both need a break from the stress. Schedule a couples’ massage or make a simple yet delicious meal at home.

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