Monthly RomanticScope

Aquarians prefer to experience love through the mind, and you need someone who challenges you in that department. But this month could have other plans for you.

On February 2, a communicative aspect has you texting, e-mailing, and calling your special someone. If you’re newly dating, pick someplace quiet enough - but still fun and different - so you can talk the night away.

You need individuality, even if the third and fourth have other plans. Wait until the sixth to launch an all-out charm offensive on someone you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Single Aquarians benefit from an aspect on February 15, too, which highlights your ability to make a goal and stick to it. The quality of person you’re meeting now is changing, so enjoy it!

A partial solar eclipse on that same day asks that you shine a light on anything you may have been afraid to ask for with other mates in the past. Your bravery could surprise you when you find the voice you need to ask.

On February 21, you’re making headway in a committed relationship as well. Even if you’ve been together forever, you still know how to bring the romance. Surprising your partner feels so great after all this time.

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