October 2018: Have you been avoiding getting to the bottom of why your love life is in the state it is, Aquarius? The Mercury-Pluto square on October 2 urges you to go deep into your psyche and think about things from an inner perspective. It could bring up some issues that aren’t that easy to deal with. Avoid dark thoughts that don’t lead to anything constructive.

You might not know what to think about someone new during the Mercury-Uranus opposition on the tenth, which is kind of a welcome feeling. You like to be surprised, and not knowing what comes next is exciting.

The Mercury-Mars square on October 19 can be stressful if you’re in the first stage of beginning a relationship, especially since you don’t know each other well enough yet to successfully navigate misunderstandings and little missteps. Remember that it’s hard to get sarcasm or a “harmless teasing” tone via text. Once you get over the initial communication hurdle, it should be smooth sailing.

A promising sun-Uranus opposition on the twenty-third puts you in an optimistic mood, and a romantic surprise might be right around the corner. You can’t help feeling you have a lot to look forward to as the anticipation builds. This could be the experience of a lifetime, Aquarius!

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