September 2018: You love change. And the Mercury-Uranus retrograde trine on September 7 gives you the chance to try some innovative (and maybe even radical) forms of communication, but should you try to fix something that’s not broken? That’s the dilemma of a true pioneer – sticking with what works versus moving into new territory that may or may not be successful.

Commanding Mars bursts into your unpredictable sign on the tenth, so get ready for some unstable energy. Not knowing how a partner or someone you’re trying to impress will react to your antics is exciting yet nerve-wracking. You normally thrive on not knowing the outcome, but right now it has you a little worried.

A challenging square between Mars and your home planet of Uranus (in retrograde) creates a lot of the same uncertainty on September 18, but this time, you care a little less about consequences. Acting rashly without regard for what could happen next is probably a mistake, but it’s hard to suppress your need for freedom and complete individuality.

The month ends confidently as the sun trines Mars on the twenty-seventh. Your enthusiasm for love is renewed, and you’re dedicated to making things work. Your gut instincts know the way.

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