Month of Aug 2020: With the full moon in your unique sign on August 3, you have every right and reason to let your true personality shine through. If you’re single, your next big romance is only an odd conversation away. If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time to experiment. You’re a sensual pioneer, so don’t be afraid to go to bold new places!

The combination of intellectual Gemini and loving Venus part ways when Venus meets up with sentimental Cancer on the seventh. If there’s a time this month when you’re likely to look through your camera photos or listen to a playlist that reminds you of a crush, this is it. Just because you’re thinking of someone, though, doesn’t mean you need to look them up on social media.

Your home planet, quirky Uranus, goes retrograde in strait-laced Taurus on August 15, giving you cause you rethink some of your more out-there decisions. You’re a rebel at heart, so you never truly regret your actions, but that doesn’t stop you from thinking about how things could have been different.

Chatty Mercury is a bit more subdued when it leaves outgoing Leo for precise Virgo on the nineteenth, so you won’t have as many outlandish, interesting conversations as you’d like. Right now you view communication mostly as a way to convey or receive information, nothing more, nothing less. If you’ve been flirting with someone online, they might miss that side of you.

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