Monthly RomanticScope

For Aquarius, it pays to not overthink matters of the heart. This month begins with such a dreamy aspect on January 3 that it might be difficult for you to be your normal, thoughtful self. You’re falling pretty hard for someone.

On the fourth, try to put old feelings left over from the past behind you once and for all. They serve no purpose as you move ahead. When January 6 rolls around, you’re back to your funny, quirky ways, flirting with exciting new dating prospects if you’re single and looking. You have a way of sweeping someone off their feet without the person even realizing it.

On the eighth, open your heart to someone or something new. It may not be the way you thought it would unfold, but it’s exciting and worth your time.

January 9 and January 10 bring aspects that support throwing caution to the wind and letting yourself act on your fantasies. You’re with the right person and can make each other very happy in and out of the bedroom.

The fifteenth sports such a lucky aspect that wishes you send into the universe now may come true before you know it. Keep the positive energy going during the lunar eclipse on the last day of the month.

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