Month of Oct 2020: When your home planet Venus enters organized and tidy Virgo on October 2, love is a lot less romantic. Your practical perspective might not be that big of a turn-on for a current or potential partner, but your ability to make sense of a messy situation can be a helpful romantic tool. Staying cool under pressure is attractive.

The excitement level increases a little more during the Venus-Uranus trine on the tenth, because a surprise text, DM, or visit could get you excited about things to come. If you’re currently with someone and your relationship could use a boost, this transit should provide it. If you’re single, consider alternative dating opportunities.

An infamous Mercury retrograde period begins on October 13, this time while Mercury is traveling through intensely emotional water sign Scorpio. Your feelings are easily hurt now, and misunderstandings are prevalent and unavoidable. Is it possible you’re reading more into the situation than you should?

The second full moon of the month—a blue moon—appears in your sign on the thirty-first, allowing you to finally get closure on an important love-related matter. You might not get this “once in a blue moon” chance again, so put all of your efforts into making this happen.

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