July 2018: Sexy Venus rules your love life, and romance takes a practical turn when she spends time in sensible Virgo, starting on July 9. It isn’t that you don’t care about your partner or aren’t interested in your crush, it’s just that you’re much less demonstrative. Love exists, but it needs to make sense.

The fourteenth brings a trine between Venus and Saturn retrograde, focusing your energy on the future. Living in the moment isn’t for you. You want assurances that the effort you’re putting in now will pay off in the long run. If you don’t know if you’re with the right person or looking in the right places for love, do some serious soul-searching and reevaluate your goals.

July 24 brings a Venus-Neptune opposition that makes you believe wholeheartedly in fate, but are you putting your faith in the wrong things? It’s nice to trust in “meant to be,” but you may have more influence on your romantic destiny than you know.

A trine between Venus and Pluto retrograde on the twenty-seventh ends the month on an interesting note when you feel a strong pull in a new direction. Is it love at first sight? Did you know each other in a past life? Meeting now is not a coincidence.

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