July 2018: An empathetic sun-Neptune trine on July 8 gives you a greater understanding of other people’s baggage, making you a sensitive partner and lover. You’re more forgiving now, but that doesn’t mean you’re a pushover.

You’re attracted to things that are new and shiny during the Venus-Uranus trine on the eleventh, so your eye is naturally drawn to different types of people. If you’re single, the dating pool is wide open. If you’re in a committed relationship, let the craving for newness develop into something you can do as a couple (maybe role-playing would be fun)!

A powerful sun-Uranus square on July 25 makes you anxious, which, quite frankly, isn’t like you. What are you afraid of? Once you figure out why you’re hesitating, you’ll be back to your true “roll with the waves” nature again.

A full moon and total lunar eclipse in your progressive sign on the twenty-seventh is a lot to deal with, but in the very best way. What do you see when you focus on the big picture? Whatever it is, you’re in it for the long haul.

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