November 2018: Do you like challenges? Then November is your month! Your home planet of Uranus is retrograde when it enters energetic Aries on November 6, so you meet challenges head-on and like to find different ways to approach your problems. Issues from the past are likely to resurface now, but luckily you have the unique energy to deal with them.

A Mars-Uranus retrograde sextile on the fifteenth urges you to take the initiative when following up on past relationship issues, and it’s possible to get closure once and for all midmonth. If an ex isn’t available to talk or cooperative when you do, that’s okay. Just making the effort to heal past hurts puts you one step closer to being whole again.

The sun moves from intense Scorpio to fun-loving Sagittarius on November 22, and your love life thrives under this lighter, more free-spirited energy. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, most of the traditional rules of love probably don’t apply to you. You’re much too progressive to conform!

You’re optimistic during the Mercury retrograde-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-seventh, but things don’t always go the way you hope. Good thing you have some serious luck on your side right now, guiding the way toward romantic success.

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