Monthly RomanticScope

It’s an exciting month ahead for Aquarius natives, as an aspect on March 4 asks you to share some of your brilliant mind with others. If you’re single and newly dating, it’s time to display a little more of your depth now. Try a museum or lecture for an interesting new date idea.

On the seventh, turn up the heat when an aspect encourages you to flirt a little more.

Married and partnered Aquarius natives can look at March 8 as an interesting time for review. Since expansive Jupiter goes retrograde that day, you might be tempted to take a walk down memory lane with scrapbooks that show how much you’ve changed for the better. Being together has been such a gift in your life.

On the eleventh, you may feel stressed about time and where you are in your relationship. Try not to let it bother you too much, since there’s little you can do about it.

On March 22, a harmonious aspect asks that you bring romance into your everyday reality. Since talkative Mercury goes retrograde that same day, you might be tempted to climb back under the covers. But try to find the sweet and joyful moments of each day.

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