Monthly RomanticScope

This month, you’re bound and determined to get your way in love. On February 2, an important aspect supports speaking up for what you want, whether you’re newly together or have been an item for a while now.

Though the third could present some communication difficulties, you’re liable to get more of what you need if you’re calm but firm.

On February 4, your ruling planet gets into a tussle with another heavenly body, so try not to come off as too demanding. Playing the diplomacy game works.

The sixth and seventh present you with a choice: Should you stay or should you go? You’re having a lot of fun, but can it last? Only you can decide.

By the partial solar eclipse of February 15, it might be time for a decision. If you need to move on, no harm, no foul.

Single Taurus natives can find new dating prospects on the twenty-first, when love is seriously in the air.

You may find difficulty around February 25, so try not to schedule anything important then. It could just be an exercise in frustration.

Those already with someone can look to the twenty-seventh as a time to reignite the flames of passion. Ooh-la-la!

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