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You love a good challenge in romance, if only to prove how valuable a partner really is to you. This month you have a ton of chances to prove your own worth, too, starting on November 2 and 3, when two aspects highlight how much healing work you’ve done from past relationships. You’re good to go now, especially if you’re single and seeking new love. Those who have already partnered up have the full moon of November 4 in your sign to do some soul-searching. You know you’re in love, but how can you continually bring out the best in each other? On November 11, try not to get ahead of yourself. If you’re just getting to know one another, don’t be in such a rush that you miss out on all the fun things you can do together. The thirteen is a particularly loving day, when you can combine all kinds of creative ideas with romance. Taking in some art at a gallery or even signing up for a class can bring you together in new ways. By the new moon of November 18, you’re ready to heat things up in the bedroom by trying out new ways of pleasing each other.

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