Capricorn Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of June 11, 2023

You'll feel like playing it safe on Monday, and that's just what you should do. Don't go out on any limbs for anyone just yet. Over the next couple of days, you should indulge your creative side and see what bubbles up from your subconscious. You might accidentally strike up a connection with someone new. Later in the week, you'll be tempted to yammer on and gossip, but try to keep your mouth shut long enough to figure out who needs to know what you're saying. Deal with issues around the house over the weekend, especially if there's trouble brewing between roommates.

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Weekly Love Horoscope

You can work on how to release yourself from the shackles holding you back on June 11. This is a time to dedicate to reflection. You can heal the past and bring positivity back into your life! The moment you decide to forgive others and yourself is when you'll be able to let love into your heart.  You may be tempted to reconnect with someone special from the past and try to reform a common bond that has recently dissipated. Although it'll take time to work through some old issues, it will be worth it in the end. No one will be more surprised...

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Weekly Work Horoscope

What will you prioritize this week, Capricorn? You may feel like the pressure is on once Pluto retrograde enters your sign on Sunday, June 11. Although this could be intense, it may help you consider what you need to focus on to feel empowered as a professional and in any professional setting.  Given that Mercury in Taurus will also trine Pluto retrograde, you could use this as an opportunity to express yourself in new ways that feel true to you as a professional. Shortly after the trine, your mental gears will shift toward your work routine...

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Capricorn Daily Dating Horoscope

June 10, 2023

If a friend needs something, indulge them. Or you might blow off work, a date, or just about anything else to take care of your own immediate needs.

Capricorn Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of June 2023

Yikes! You’re starting the summer on a sore note during the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. You’ll need to go your own way to find true love, so it isn’t a great day for dating. Especially since Venus entering Leo on the fifth could bring some serious drama to your life. This could either be...

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