cancer Yearly Love Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

If there is any sign just going through the absolute gestation cycle in the realm of love and romance, it's you! During 2021, all Cancers have a massive overhaul occurring in this area of your life, and this will be a source of both struggle and massive feats of success all rolled into one. Your watery sign will experience the uplifting element of air and fire through some passionate eclipse transits and intellectual connections.

In fact, this year you may only be attracted to partners focused on their own minds. Your tastes are certainly maturing! In fact, if someone isn't taking care of themselves on an emotional level, you might find them incredibly repulsive to be around. Partnerships that aren't growing from the inside out will no longer serve you, and may even completely disintegrate right before your eyes. Expect a strong focus on multi-leveled communication. Long-term couples may seek counseling to help them gain perspective on the different elements of their partnership. This isn't a year when toxic relationships will be tolerated any longer.

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