Pisces Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2023

You’re a starstruck romantic, but your tendency to idealize certain romantic situations can lead to disappointment time and time again. This year, however, your love life has enough balance to keep you from climbing to scary heights or dipping too low on that proverbial Pisces roller coaster of love.

Venus, the planet of love, joins with your romantic sign for several weeks starting at the end of January, producing strong romantic energy in your love life. Under the influence of your creative energy, Pisces, you should find yourself in some very positive romantic scenarios during this period. Passion and lust are certainly part of the recipe, but they aren’t the main ingredient. 

You love romantic buildup, and the more the anticipation grows, the more excited you become. Spending a quiet evening getting to know someone new over candlelight and tasty food is your preferred romantic activity. 

Love is a spiritual experience for you right now, and you won’t settle for less than what you deserve. And while it’s tempting to picture yourself walking down the aisle after only a first date, having patience regarding love pays off in the most satisfying of ways early this year.

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