virgo Yearly Love Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

In a year filled with so much activity, Virgos will focus intensely on making sure that they have enough time for love, romance, and sensuality. Work and family matters will demand a tremendous amount of your time this year, but with the blessings of Saturn and Jupiter in your productivity zone, you'll find yourself scheduling your life much more acutely than ever before. You are a natural planner who can see the overall vision as you regard each minute piece of the puzzle, but such an active schedule will surely put even the most advanced Virgo to the test.

The key to finding and growing love is obviously about making time to fit it in—whether that involves searching for new options if you're single, cultivating your relationship if you're newly coupled, or maintaining the sweet spark of romance for longer-committed pairs. Remember, it doesn’t need to be entirely on your shoulders, Virgo, and 2021 will surely teach you that. Partnerships exist in order to improve partners' lives together.

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