Cancer-Leo Cusp Sign Dates and Definition

Dates: July 19 - 25

PUT A CANCER and Leo in one body and what do you get?

Drama, that's what.

When the personality traits of the emotional Cancer and the fiery Leo are combined, the smallest things can really be blown out of proportion. But, hey, they keep it interesting.

Moodiness / Volatility / Oscillation

Thankfully, this sheer force of will is tempered by a generous spirit. Ruled by both Mars and Venus, they tend to be great art lovers, nurturing friends, and intuitive leaders. They work hard and they play hard, and while both feel incredible at first blush, this tendency can soon turn depleting and overwhelming, not only to the Aries-Taurus but also to those around them.

The Cancer-Leo cusp is all about movement — emotional and physical. Swinging from one emotion to the next, the challenge for this cusp is to find their emotional center. Meditation would be a great ally in their constant struggle for balance. On the upside, life as a Cancer-Leo is never dull. This Moon - Sun combo might appear shy when you first meet them, but by the end of the night, they could very well be hogging the mic at the karaoke joint.

Those born on the Cancer-Leo cusp can be sensitive to criticism, so take care when making suggestions as to how they might better conduct themselves. They also pay great attention to detail and tend to have a good memory — and that includes the ability to hold a grudge. Affectionate and devoted, this cusp loves to love and be loved. When things are going well, there is no one better to share the moment with. But, when things are bad, well… this cusp may put on a brave face, but they are easily wounded.

If you are a Cancer-Leo, try not to focus on what others are doing. Instead, focus on what is going on in your life. Keep trying to find your center.

If you know a person born on the Cancer-Leo cusp: Be kind to your sensitive friend. Take the time to think about the right way to say that important thing so that it doesn't hurt their feelings. And, set up a movie night or a small cozy hang to build up their sense of confidence in your friendship.