Gemini-Cancer Cusp Sign Dates and Definition

THOSE WHO WERE born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp often find themselves to be the center of attention. They can really be the life of the party — whether it's a dinner party they have prepared for all their near and dears or a raucous night on the town, their gregarious personality really spices up the night. But hidden within this bon vivant is a bundle of raw emotions, bubbling just below the surface.

Romantic / Empathetic / Private

Even though they can read you from a mile away, Gemini-Cancers are notoriously private about their feelings. Don't be surprised if you aren't aware of what's going on in their life, despite their encyclopedic knowledge of your innermost thoughts and feelings. They have many skills, and a ninja-like avoidance of talking about themselves by correctly telling you how you're feeling ranks high among them.

The Gemini-Cancer cusp is one that commits. It may take them a while, but once they are in, they are IN. Ruled by planets Mercury and the Moon, they like to surround themselves with people they know and trust, and that trust is often hard won. Sensitive and affectionate, Gemini-Cancers greatly value their family and that includes blood relatives as well as friends who are like family. Sure, they can be flirty, but when they are committed, they are devoted.

If you are a Gemini-Cancer, know that you inspire others. This gift is your magic, and you must wield it without any sense of repayment. Also, don't be afraid to let people in — most of us aren't out to hurt you.

If you know someone born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp, don't take them for granted. Yes, this cusp is patient and loving, and they forgive and forget easily. But don't push it too far. They might be harboring feelings of resentment that they haven't shared.