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Daily Couples Lovescope


Your personal energy's good this morning, but later in the day, the world—and even your certain...

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Will it be a tug-of-war with the two of you now, or can you yoke yourselves together and pull...

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You may be concerned with how others perceive you right now, but there's one person who should...

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Surprise your partner with an open-minded, versatile, and inventive approach. They'll love it, and,...

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Your challenge in the love department is to exercise a little patience. Jumping to conclusions or...

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An opinion your partner expresses now could be rather different than you expect. Remain open to it,...

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Grab hold of some romantic energy that's coming your way early in the day, whether by playing hooky...

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Time to clear the air! Some energy between the two of you that's less than harmonious can be...

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Communication's stellar through much of the day, so don't hesitate to take time out to DM your...

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Making concrete plans based on known quantities is definitely within your comfort zone, but when it...

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You're on fire through much of the day, and you might just have an idea about your relationship...

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Your mind's wandering during the day, and you may be less than totally there when interacting with...

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