Taurus Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

You indulge your passions and desires, so you spare no expense when it comes to love and romance this year. With love goddess Venus as your cosmic leader, you’re a fantastic lover and love being in love. Even though life will offer its share of difficulties in 2024, you refuse to lose faith in love.

Your lovely leader Venus is in fiery Sagittarius to start the year, inviting you to embrace the adventurous side of love and dating. You’ll be looking for a partner in crime now, someone who wants to travel the world with you and learn all about what life has to offer. You’re intrigued by spontaneous fire signs like Aries and Leo, Taurus, but they might be too much for you to handle. Your ideal adventure companion during this exciting transit is an easygoing Libra or risk-it-all Sagittarius who still knows how to follow the rules when they need to.

A new moon in friendly, social Aquarius arrives in early February, giving you the opportunity to meet interesting potential new lovers who are definitely not your usual “type.” At the same time, the sun is also transiting innovative Aquarius, giving you the advantage when it comes to using social media and dating apps. Your perfect match during this lunation is a curious Gemini or free-thinking Libra.

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