October 2018: Venus is your power planet, so what does it mean for you when she turns retrograde, starting on October 5? It isn’t a good time to start anything new, Taurus, especially if it’s related to money. Try to postpone making new investments or starting business ventures.

Venus squares powerful Mars on the tenth, so you’ll have to pay close attention to friction and stress within your existing relationship. Is there something you need to get out into the open? Revealing past transgressions isn’t easy, but it can do wonders for a current relationship (platonic or romantic).

The sun enters intense Scorpio on October 23, which feels a little like diving into the deep end without a life preserver anywhere in sight. Just let the tears or laughter flow instead of trying to control your emotions (because you might not be able to anyway).

The moon is full in your sign the very next day, creating a great balance to the Scorpio sun. This is a good time to indulge the senses – taste, touch, feel, smell, and listen to everything.

A Venus-Uranus opposition on the thirty-first ends the month on a tense note, but you can view it as a chance to break out of your comfort zone. Loosen your collar, unbutton a couple buttons, and try not to worry so much.

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