Monthly Overview

Love is in the air during a Venus-Saturn trine on April 7. New relationships can be easily formed with people outside your usual circle. Look for anyone who isn’t your “type” to get you going! If you’re already in a relationship, your bond should strengthen. Once a stressful situation is over, celebrate.

Information and technology guru Mercury heads direct on the fifteenth, and you probably know what that means by now! You can finally relax a bit as communications get back on track and electronic gadgets are a bit easier to use. It’s like someone threw a switch and everything in your life got just a tad easier, and you’re more than appreciative of it!

Determined Saturn goes retrograde on April 17, so the next five months could yield a lot of wisdom if you’re willing to slow down and reflect. Deal with unfinished business and issues that you’ve been avoiding for too long. Once you’re finally able to see (or acknowledge) your own errors, new doors can open.

A full Scorpio moon on the twenty-ninth carries an assertive energy that can’t be denied. This is a great time to clean out your car, closets, and junk drawers. Found items should be reused, recycled, or donated.

Many Moons

Make Sex Magic and Embody Desire this Full Moon in Scorpio

This weekend, a full Pink Moon in Scorpio will light up the sky. Many Moons founder Sarah Faith Gottesdiener offers tips for working with the energy of this magical moon.

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