Venus Retrograde Meaning & More

In astrology, Venus is a planet of feminine energy. As the ruler of Taurus and Libra, it is tasked with bringing about love and art in all its forms. However, above all things, Venus is the planet of pleasure—wherever she transits in our chart, love, attention, and money flow. Venus is an archetype underlying the things we are attracted to and the types of relationships we form through a sense of value and aesthetics.

2024 Venus Retrograde Dates

  • July 22, 2023 - September 3, 2023

Venus Retrograde Meaning

Although Mars' retrogrades are the least frequent of all planetary retrogrades, Venus spends the least amount of time in retrograde motion. Venus stations retrograde every eighteen months, moving backward in the sky, retracing fifteen to eighteen degrees of the zodiac over a period of forty-two days.

When Venus is in retrograde, issues related to love and money may seem to stagnate, dry up, or run cold—it is not at all uncommon during Venus retrograde to face seemingly insurmountable challenges in relationships. As with Mercury and Mars retrograde, sometimes old lovers surface for healing and closure. On a positive note, the tension we experience during these weeks can help us gain perspective.

Venus Retrograde Effects

Those who are already in committed relationships may find themselves in a romantic stand-off as affections cool and problems arise, or as is so often the case—resurface. Uncomfortable as it may feel in the moment, Venus retrogrades can be the perfect opportunity to hash out deep-seated romantic misgivings, so we can get back to the business of loving with clarity and confidence.

For others, the Venus retrograde reviews may flag serious deal breakers which eventually signal the end of love. Though the separation itself may be painful, with the benefit of hindsight we may later acknowledge that a disparity of values was bubbling beneath the surface of our relationship, creating tension. Armed with a clearer sense of what we want, and, perhaps, what we cannot do without, the likelihood of attracting the right partnership post-retrograde is greater....

Venus Retrograde in the Natal Chart

It is relatively common to have transpersonal planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde in the natal chart since they spend nearly half the year retrograde. Venus, on the other hand, only spends about seven percent of its time retrograde, making natal Venus retrograde far less common. Further, and importantly, because Venus is a personal planet tasked with integral parts of our personality and psyche, the effects of Venus retrograde in the natal chart are far more profound.

Venus describes by sign, house, and aspect both what we find attractive and how we go about attracting it. Unlike Mars, the active 'yang' principle which chases after whatever it finds appealing, Venus' talent is for radiating her essence until the right pursuer picks up the scent....

Venus retrograde calendar dates

Dates based on Pacific Standard Time (PST)

  • Stations retrograde October 5, 2018, at 10°50' Scorpio
  • Stations direct November 16, 2018, at 25°14' Libra
  • Stations retrograde May 12, 2020, at 21°50' Gemini
  • Stations direct June 24, 2020, at 5°20' Gemini
  • Stations retrograde December 19, 2021, at 26°29' Capricorn
  • Stations direct January 29, 2022, at 11°04' Capricorn
  • Stations retrograde July 22, 2023, at 28°36' Leo
  • Stations direct September 3, 2023, at 12°12' Leo
  • Stations retrograde March 1, 2025, at 10°50' Aries
  • Stations direct April 12, 2025, at 24°37' Pisces