Weekly Finstrology Update for February 26: Hump Day Highlights

February 24, 2024

All times Eastern

The holiday-shortened trading week is relatively quiet, with planetary action occurring only on Thursday and Friday. 

Wednesday, February 28, is the week’s most interesting day, as the sun, Mercury, and Saturn are all at nine degrees Pisces for about 12 hours, from 12:27 a.m. through 1:16 p.m. These three planets are working extremely well together to formulate plans that bring dreams into reality, particularly if they concern the Piscean goal of helping others. 

That is especially the case when Mercury is in the heart of the sun, or cazimi, during that period through 11:46 a.m. (The cazimi period began at 7:44 p.m. Tuesday.) Insights are particularly keen when Mercury is cazimi because the planet is supercharged. Thus, look for that day’s GDP report at 8:30 a.m. to not only reflect how plans that start in the minds of leaders manifest into reality but also recognize such. 

This midweek boost follows two more difficult days in discerning expansion, with money planet Venus having squared Jupiter the previous Saturday and action-taker Mars making the same square on Tuesday. Indeed, the Nasdaq-100 could feel that pressure and make a high on Monday as its first-trade sun receives a conjunction from Venus and Mars as well as a square from Jupiter. If the index breaks through significant resistance at 18,000, then look to 18,200 for resistance.

On leap year day, February 29, the positivity toward grounded expansion continues with the sun newly past its exact conjunction with Saturn after Wednesday’s close and Mercury having moved on to form an opportunistic sextile to Jupiter in Taurus. Expect a positive reaction to the export sales and jobless claims reports that morning.

Markets on the Move

COF Capital One Financial

In one of the biggest deals of the new year, Capital One announced on February 19 that it would acquire Discover Financial for an all-stock transaction worth $35.3 billion. Together, the bank and credit card companies have 400 million account holders and 70 million merchant acceptance points in more than 200 countries. Their combined credit card loans in 2023 surpassed that of industry leader JPMorgan Chase, according to the Nilson Report newsletter.

The deal must get approval from banking regulators, the Justice Department, and the Federal Trade Commission. The companies expect to clear those hurdles by late 2024 or early 2025. Based on transits to Capital One’s incorporation chart of July 21, 1994, its expansion could be completed by March 1, 2025. That’s the day transiting Jupiter makes its third and final conjunction with the company’s natal Mars (moving forward) in Gemini (transactions) in the tenth house of public recognition. Discussions could begin near the first pass on July 20, 2024, and come under review as Jupiter retrogrades over Mars on January 10, 2025.

Capital One stock began trading on November 16, 1994, notably with an extremely fortuitous conjunction of the sun, Jupiter, and Pluto at 24-27 degrees Scorpio. Trines and squares to this powerhouse trio have occurred both at major highs and major lows in price, the most recent at the May 2023 low when Mars made that trine as Saturn conjoined its natal position. 

Look for a low on March 8 when the sun, Mercury, and Neptune will trine the natal power trio as Mars, Venus, and the moon oppose natal Mars. March 20 could be a high as Mars squares the sun/Jupiter/Pluto and the moon squares first-trade Mercury. When Mars conjoins natal Saturn on March 28, look for a low in price. Watch for another high on April 8 as the sun, moon, and Mercury all make a trine to natal Mars.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX High on Monday, February 26—The sun, Mercury, and Saturn are all conjunct the market’s first-trade moon, while the transiting moon forms a grand trine with natal sun and Neptune. Surprising moves could occur with Venus and Mars conjunct natal Uranus. The 1.0900 level in March futures looks to provide resistance.
  • Soybeans Low on Tuesday, February 27—The market’s natal sun receives a conjunction from the moon and trines from Venus and Mars. Also in play is the trine to natal Venus from the transiting sun and Mercury. Look for support in May futures between $11.30 per bu. and $11.50.
  • Crude Oil High on Wednesday, February 28—The triplet of sun, Mercury, and Saturn all at nine degrees Pisces is squaring the market’s Uranus and Jupiter, with Venus and Mars sextile the same pair. For a cherry on top, the transiting moon opposes natal Mars. Resistance could appear just north of $80.00 per barrel in April futures.
  • 10-yr. T-note High on Wednesday, February 28—Venus and Mars square the market’s first-trade sun, with Jupiter conjunct and the sun, Mercury, and Saturn all sextile. The transiting moon conjoins natal Pluto. Resistance in March futures could appear near 110-150.
  • Gold Low on Friday, March 1—Prices could get a boost with transiting Mercury exactly conjunct first-trade Jupiter, especially with the sun just two degrees behind and the moon in trine. Mars and Venus oppose the market’s natal moon. Look for support $10 per oz. either side of $2,000 in April futures.

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