Weekly Finstrology Update for January 23: All Systems Go

January 20, 2023

This week is one of new beginnings and new astrological vibes. The new moon in Aquarius on Saturday, January 21 that supports any kind of new, unique idea kicks things off. Next up is the Chinese New Year, celebrating the rabbit, which likes to keep its options open much like the sign of Aquarius. 

Most importantly, Uranus turns direct in motion at 5:59 pm on Sunday, just as the week’s overnight trading session gets underway. With its turn, all the planets are now moving forward in the sky through April 20. This opens up all sorts of possibilities to move forward and make great strides.  

Also on Sunday, less than an hour before the Uranus station, money planet Venus and Saturn are aligned in Aquarius, supplying energy for long-term financial planning. Note that Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, so it is the Aquarius vibe that dominates the start to the trading week.  

On Wednesday, the sun in Aquarius is in easy, supportive aspects to both Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Gemini. This is when new-idea leaders could easily announce and gain outsized support for their initiatives, especially those geared toward communications. 

Friday’s Personal Income and Outlays report could be interpreted positively because money planet Venus entered Pisces the night before. Pisces is the absolute best sign for Venus, where it is “exalted.”  

Markets on the Move

WWE | World Wrestling Entertainment

Wrestling as entertainment has been around since the mid-1950s, and the current heavyweight champ, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), made overtures in mid-January that it could be for sale by retaining outside banking and legal advisors.

The company began as Capitol Wrestling Corporation, then became the World Wide Wrestling Federation in the mid-1960s. The name was shortened to the World Wrestling Federation in 1979 and was first listed on the NYSE with the ticker symbol WWF on October 19, 1999. A trademark lawsuit from the World Wildlife Fund resulted in a branding change to World Wrestling Entertainment and a new ticker symbol, WWE, on June 26, 2002. 

Astrologically, the original listing horoscope from 1999 remains sensitive at price highs and lows. For example, at the all-time high of $100.45 on April 24, 2019 and the January 11, 2023 high of $93.63, transiting Mars was opposite first-trade Pluto, with the sun making hard aspects to its first-trade position.

Look for a price low early this week. On January 23, transiting Mercury and Uranus connect with the 1999 horoscope to form a grand trine, along with four other close connections: (1) moon, Venus and Saturn trine the sun; (2) Mars partile opposite Pluto; (3) Pluto and the sun square Jupiter; and (4) Jupiter square Mars. 

Two other timeframes to watch for news and price moves in WWE include a potential high on Wednesday, April 19, when the sun conjoins first-trade Jupiter while the moon and Jupiter oppose first-trade sun. 

The second is during May, when transits suggest there could be good news about selling the company. Interestingly, the company was incorporated on July 28, 1987 with Jupiter at 28 Aries; the stock was listed 12 years later, with Jupiter at 00 Taurus, just past its first Jupiter return that expands fortunes. This year, transiting Jupiter will hit both those natal Jupiters within a week—on May 11 for the company and on May 18 for the stock. This is when good news and good valuations could appear. Watch for action to be taken by May 29, when transiting Mars aligns with the company’s natal Sun. 

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX High on Monday, January 23—Prices could peak as the moon, Venus and Saturn are trine to the market’s first-trade sun and Mars. In addition, transiting Mercury trines its natal position. March futures could challenge the January 18 high of 1.09275.
  • Gold Low on Friday, January 27—Gold could bottom as transiting Mercury aligns with its first-trade sun and Mercury while the transiting moon squares natal Venus. February gold futures could find support at $1905 per oz. or $1868.

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