Weekly Finstrology Update for January 2: Starting Off on the Right Foot

January 1, 2024

All times Eastern.

Trading in the new year gets a positive start on Tuesday, January 2, because two planets have turned direct in motion since trading wrapped up for 2023. Jupiter, the great benefactor, turned direct on Saturday, December 30. Mercury, the ruler of trading, is newly direct in motion as of 10:08 p.m. Monday. Mercury had been retrograde since December 13, the day the Fed announced its third consecutive “no hike” to interest rates and the first of six consecutive days that the Dow Jones Industrial Average made record highs. Jupiter had been retrograde since Labor Day.

The Nasdaq-100 could make a low as trading opens for the new year as its sensitive Venus/Mars conjunction in its first-trade horoscope is activated by a square from Mars and Mercury, opposition from the moon and trine from Venus. Look for support near 16,500.

In contrast, those same transiting planets connect with the S&P 500 in a way that could produce a high. Mars and Mercury trine first-trade Pluto, the moon conjoins natal Jupiter, and Venus squares its first-trade position, with transiting Saturn partile conjunct. Watch closely the market’s attempt to clear its record high of 4818 from January 4, 2022.

On Thursday, Mars enters Capricorn just after markets open. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so it is quite strong and able to push an agenda easily, particularly if it concerns doing so in an upstanding way.

Markets on the Move

GIS General Mills

General Mills, maker of breakfast cereals including Cheerios and Wheaties, reported in late December that price hikes to cover increasing production costs and inflation have resulted in lower sales and revenue as consumers moved to less-expensive alternatives. Indeed, generic store brand cereal sales are up 20% this year, according to ABC News. 

The Minneapolis-based company’s roots extend to 1856, and the Minneapolis Milling Company, which in 1877 became the Washburn-Crosby Company. Its flour won the Gold Medal in an 1880 international exhibition and has been branded as such ever since. Washburn-Crosby and several other flour mills merged in 1928 to form General Mills, Inc., to become the world’s largest flour miller.

General Mills was incorporated in Delaware on June 20, 1928, with its common stock listed a week later on the Curb Exchange at $65 per share ($1203 in 2023). Interestingly, over the course of that week, three planets changed signs. The sun and Venus moved into Cancer from Gemini, and Mars entered Taurus from Aries. Thus, the stock represents its food/nurturing products, while the company’s horoscope has more commerce and first-adopter energy.

Look for a potential low on January 5 as Saturn and the moon connect with a trine between the first-trade sun and moon to form a grand trine. Prices could peak on January 11 as the new moon opposes natal Pluto. When Mercury and Mars oppose the sun/Mercury/Venus stellium in Cancer on January 18, prices could make a low. A high could be in store on February 5 with transiting Venus partile opposite natal Pluto and transiting Mercury and Pluto both partile square natal Mars.

Weekly Highlights

  • 10-yr. T-note High on Tuesday, January 2 — Transiting Venus connects with the market’s sensitive Mercury/Uranus axis, while the sun trines its own first-trade position. Look for resistance near 114-000, basis March futures.
  • Crude Oil Low on Wednesday, January 3 — The market’s first-trade sun receives a square from the transiting sun and an opposition from the moon. In addition, Mars is partile conjunct first-trade Neptune, the market’s ruler. The area near $73 per barrel could provide support in February futures.
  • Euro FX Low on Thursday, January 4 — Transiting Venus conjoins first-trade Pluto, while natal Venus receives an opposition from the moon, square from the sun and trine from Mercury. Support could come in near 1.1070, basis March futures.
  • Bitcoin Low on Saturday, January 6 — Transiting Venus is partile square to its natal position, with transiting Mars is exactly conjunct first-trade Pluto. Also, the transiting moon forms a T-square with bitcoin’s sensitive Mercury/moon axis in the first-trade horoscope. Look for support near $41,350.

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