Weekly Finstrology Update for January 22: Positive Change All Week

January 28, 2024

All times Eastern

When markets open for Monday’s trade, it will be the first time all year that all the planets will be direct in motion, following the shift by Uranus out of its retrograde the previous Saturday. This provides strong forward movement for the next two months until Mercury breaks the streak with its April 1 retrograde

Sunday’s overnight trading session could be especially enthusiastic because Mercury trines Uranus for active online trading, and Venus trines Jupiter for big money opportunities. 

The Fed meets on January 30 and 31 after Mars makes an exact trine to Uranus on Monday evening. In Capricorn, Mars is at its absolute best and wants to take solid, responsible action. In a trine to Uranus in the financial sign of Taurus, the Fed could be inclined to send an unexpected message to the markets, particularly with a new set of voting members in place. Even if it does, the responsible Mars won’t let it rock the markets too much. 

On Friday, be on the lookout for hopeful news as Mercury the messenger makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, which supports helping others. 

Despite the overall help from transiting planets this week, the S&P 500 could peak on Monday as Mars and Mercury square the market’s first-trade moon. Also, those two planets plus the moon form a grand trine with the market’s natal Mars.

Markets on the Move

NFLX Netflix

Netflix, a long-time deliverer of entertainment into our homes, is flying high after three pieces of good news on January 23 that sent the stock as much as $70 higher (up 14.3%) the next day, hitting a high of $562.50. 

First, the company received 18 Oscar nominations, with seven for the film Maestro, including Best Picture, for which it is the online distributor. (Last year, the platform scored six wins from 16 nominations.) Second, it announced a 10-year deal beginning January 2025 to distribute wrestling shows from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment.) Finally, after the January 23 close of trade, the company reported that it added 13.1 million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2023 after a crackdown on password sharing, beating analyst estimates of about 9 million by nearly 50%. 

Astrologically, the January 24 high had ample support with a sun/Pluto trine to the stock’s first-trade sun as well as oppositions by Mars to natal Jupiter and Venus to its first-trade position. At the record high of $700.99 in November 2021, planets in the sky were making trines to the first-trade moon, Mars, and Jupiter. 

All major aspects (conjunct, opposite, square, trine) to the stock’s sun, moon, Venus, and Jupiter have occurred at both highs and lows over the last 20 years. So, perhaps best to be aware of these major transits and check in with how the stock is trading to see if it is wanting to make a high or low. 

From February 6-8, Mercury and Pluto are trining Netflix’s first-trade sun with Venus opposing natal Jupiter; the moon travels to oppose Venus, oppose Jupiter, and trine the sun on consecutive days. On February 16 and February 21, the stock’s sun receives aspects from Venus, Pluto, the moon, and the sun. On February 28, natal Mercury at 7 degrees Gemini is squared by the sun, Mercury, and Saturn, all at 9 degrees Pisces. 

First-trade Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn all receive trines from transiting planets on March 4. Squares to natal Venus, sun, and Saturn dominate on March 22. Transits to first-trade Jupiter at 14 Cancer become dominant in April. On April 3, that planet receives a square from the sun as well as a trine from Mars and Saturn. On April 15, Mars and Saturn remain in a trine to natal Jupiter and are joined by a square from Venus and a conjunction from the moon.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin Low on Monday, January 29 — The transiting sun is aligned with the sensitive Mercury/moon opposition in bitcoin’s first-trade horoscope. Meanwhile, the first-trade sun receives trine from the moon and Uranus that form a grand trine as well as conjunctions from Mercury and Mars. It looks to have solid support at $39,220.
  • Gold Low on Tuesday, January 30 — The three most sensitive planets in this market’s first-trade chart are activated by transits. Mercury and Mars conjoin the market’s natal Mercury and Venus, with transiting Venus conjunct the natal sun and Jupiter trining it. Look for support in April futures between $2010 per oz. and $2020.
  • Soybeans High on Wednesday, January 31 — The market’s first-trade sun is highlighted by a conjunction from the moon, a trine from the sun and a square from Venus. Transiting Jupiter is just one degree from an exact alignment with the sensitive Venus/Uranus opposition in the first-trade horoscope. March futures could find resistance near $12.50 per bu.

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