Weekly Finstrology Update for July 10: The Early Shift

July 6, 2023

Mercury the communicator is this week’s active planet, with two early week transits and the first of two sign changes this month. Its connections to stock market first-trade horoscopes could bring mid-week highs.

Sunday night’s trine between Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces gets the trading week off to a pleasant start in a swirl of comforting, protective news. That continues as Mars enters Virgo, where it is willing to help others and take precise action, before Monday morning’s opening bell. Less than an hour after Monday’s close, Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn, so be on the lookout for messages—even secrets—from powerful players in early week trading.

Mercury finishes its whirlwind of activity when it enters Leo at 12:11 am on Tuesday, thus adding bravado and boldness to the powerful messages from Monday. High-profile communications remain in vogue through July 28, when the planet moves on to Virgo.

In early Leo, Mercury connects with important planets in both the Nasdaq-100 and S&P 500 first-trade horoscope charts that could indicate market highs. Mercury exactly opposes its first-trade position in the Nasdaq-100 on Tuesday while transiting Pluto is conjunct natal Mercury. Adding emphasis is a square from transiting moon and Jupiter to the natal sun. Watch 15,210-15,410 as potential resistance.

On Wednesday, the S&P 500 could make a high as Mercury aligns with sensitive Uranus in the first-trade chart, with Mars and Venus opposing natal Mercury and Venus. In addition, the sun squares the first-trade moon as the moon and Uranus align with natal Mars. The 4450 area looks to provide stiff resistance.

Markets on the Move

UAL | United Airlines

United Airlines, one of the four major U.S. carriers, got into a finger-pointing match with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over who was to blame for thousands of flight delays or cancellations in late June. United, first organized in 1931, declared bankruptcy in 2002 in the aftermath of 9/11; when it re-emerged, its stock once again began trading under the UAL ticker symbol on February 2, 2006. 

Look for highs on July 10 and July 28 when planets in the sky are making trines and conjunctions to those in the first-trade horoscope. On July 10, Venus and the moon form a grand trine with natal Pluto; the sun trines natal Jupiter and opposes natal Venus as well. On July 28, the sun and moon create a grand trine with the first-trade moon and Saturn, with Venus and Mercury trine natal Pluto. 
Prices could make a low on July 21 with the moon, Mars and Saturn all stimulating first-trade Uranus while Mercury opposes its natal position and the sun squares natal Mars. Next year, when both Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct first-trade Mars (exact on April 24 and May 7, respectively), prices could make a significant low on surprisingly large volume. May 8, 2024 looks to be the most astrologically active with the sun and moon joining in the conjunction while transiting Mars opposes the stock’s natal moon.

Weekly Highlights

  • 10-yr. T-note Low on Tuesday, July 11—The moon and Jupiter align with the first-trade sun while Mars and Venus square natal Mercury. Mercury, newly in Leo, makes soft aspects to the important Mars/Venus natal axis. 
  • Bitcoin Low on Friday, July 14—The sun opposes its natal position while Mercury aligns with the natal moon. The transiting moon forms a T-square with natal Saturn and Uranus. If bitcoin breaks below $30,000, the next significant support lower is near $28,500.
  • Gold Low on Friday, July 14—First-trade Venus receives an opposition from the sun and trine from Uranus, with the moon opposite natal Mars. August gold futures could find support near $1870 per oz. if support near $1900 fails.
  • Soybeans High on Friday, July 14—The transiting moon aligns with its sensitive first-trade placement while Mercury forms a T-square with the strong Venus/Uranus opposition in the first-trade horoscope. Nearby August futures could hit resistance between $15.18 per bu. and $15.58.

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