Weekly Finstrology Update for October 3: Last Chance Week?

September 30, 2022

The planets are setting up for a potential October stock market crash later this month, and this week could present a last-chance opportunity for a rally before prices begin weakening. This astrological crash setup is the first of four that occur over the next 10 years, also including 2023, 2030 and 2031. 

Credit Christopher Carolan, author of The Spiral Calendar, for identifying that days 27–28 of the seventh lunar month every year typically are bearish for the stock market. This year, those days are October 20-21. My work in examining stock market crash astrology shows that the market typically peaks near the first-quarter moon prior to those days. Monday, October 3 is the first-quarter moon as well as the first day of trading after Mercury (ruler of trading and stock indexes) turns direct in motion on Sunday.

Newly enthused Mercury remains in the trading picture all week, meeting up in a trine with Pluto late Thursday for the final and third such connection since August 22. This aspect could generate important news that delivers details about changes in big business or government. On a personal level, it’s a good time for an important meeting.

Mercury’s opposition to Mars in the Nasdaq-100 first-trade horoscope on Friday could result in a market high. Transits to the S&P 500—featuring the moon partile conjunct first-trade Mercury and Jupiter trine natal Uranus—suggest a high on Thursday. 

Markets on the Move

AAPL: Apple, Inc.

Apple Inc. is in the news after it signed a multiyear deal with the National Football League for its Apple Music streaming service to sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show starting in 2023. 

Apple Music’s debut at the February 12, 2023 event could increase attention to the stock and potentially put in a high because it occurs in the same week as the final of three oppositions from transiting Jupiter to first-trade Jupiter and Saturn. 

Apple stock began trading on December 12, 1980, just before a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on December 31. That conjunction, in Libra, began a 20-year economic focus on new technology that was easily available to everyone. Indeed, those two decades contained the birth of the Internet, mobile phones and online trading. When Jupiter and Saturn made their next conjunction in May 2000, in Taurus, the dot.com boom rally collapsed and came back to earth (as in Taurus).

This year, transiting Jupiter in Aries first opposed the stock’s natal Jupiter/Saturn in July, with prices rallying about $15 during that time. The second pass, with transiting Jupiter retrograde, was exact on August 6 (Saturn) and August 24 (Jupiter). Prices topped at $176.15 on August 17, in the middle of that period. 

The final exact oppositions from transiting Jupiter occur in 2023 from February 8 (Jupiter) to February 13 (Saturn), with the Super Bowl in between. Based on the two previous Jupiter oppositions, look for a high near that time. 

Nearer-term, AAPL might make a low on Monday, October 3. That’s when the sun and Venus are aligned with first-trade Jupter/Saturn, with transiting Mars making the first of three oppositions to the stock’s first-trade sun. When the sun, Mercury and Venus conjoin with first-trade Venus/Uranus on November 13, prices could peak.

Gold High on Monday, October 3—The moon aligns with gold’s first-trade Mercury and Venus while Mercury and Uranus are trine the same two planets. In December futures, look for resistance at $1688 per oz. to $1694. After that, $1719-$1726 could prove tough. Significant resistance likely exists at $1732. 

Crude Oil Low on Tuesday, October 4—The sun and Venus oppose crude oil’s first-trade sun this day, while the moon squares its natal moon/Saturn conjunction. The $80.30 per barrel level could provide support to November futures.

Soybeans High on Wednesday, October 5—Mars is conjunct this market’s extremely sensitive first-trade moon, while the sun, Venus and Saturn form a grand trine with the soybean natal moon. November soybeans could hit stiff resistance at $14.27 per bu.

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