Jupiter Trine Uranus

Jupiter Trine Uranus Natal

Your spirit is constantly on high beam for insight, innovation, and like-minded souls. You want to build new models and structures, rather than spending precious time trying to tear down outworn structures and ideas. You're inspired by the idea of team action and working toward a greater, common good. You resist traditional notions of hierarchy and want to emphasize autonomy and consensus as much as possible. But it's difficult for you to handle when people can't get along, especially if you see them as vital to your shared efforts. You might even smooth over legitimate gripes to focus exclusively on your ideals and intentions. Also challenging is that you sometimes feel closer to your chosen family of colleagues and friends than you do with your birth family. That’s because you're stirred more in the mind than by sentimentality or what's conventional. Yet, you strive to be tolerant and inclusive of all people and dimensions of your life... including your family.

Jupiter Trine Uranus Transit

You feel like a lighthouse and safe harbor for those who are striving to change the world, or at least make it less inflexible and stodgy. Perhaps you’re confident that you can do anything when you're aligned with the right folks. You're more inclined to build than destroy. You expect folks to stay in their respective lanes of interest. Chiefly, you want others to leave you and yours alone to do the positive work you envision possible—so much so that you're genuinely surprised when you encounter resistance from others over what you're trying to do. Even still, you might try modest efforts to mend any gaps of understanding that you have with opposing points of view. You can explain your ideas and positions without aggression or undue tension. On a strictly personal level, you are easily drawn to adopting new technology or an unusual philosophy now.

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