Mercury Trine Pluto

Mercury Trine Pluto Natal

This combination symbolizes an easy harmony in the ability to communicate with intensity and power or the ability to see and understand the deeper hidden motivations of others. With this aspect in your chart, you may make a natural businessperson by understanding the needs of the public and giving them easier access to what they want. Alternatively, you could be a natural psychologist who seeks to understand the needs and motivations of individuals. This combination gives you the ability to negotiate and foster exchange between polarized opposites, but smooth-talking temporary solutions should be avoided or understood to be only the first step in a process. You may find it easy to reclaim or recycle things which have been cast away, and indeed the ability to see value in even the most debased things or states can lead to dramatic transformations as the processes of decay or putrefaction reveal underlying possibilities previously hidden.

Mercury Trine Pluto Transit

This aspect suggests an easy opportunity to harmonize with the urge to dominate or control one’s environment. Opportunities to cash in on prevailing cultural trends should be seized, especially if they benefit more than the individual. This is generally a quick transit that comes around twice a year, but as soon as every six to seven years or more often at longer thirteen-year intervals, Mercury makes a series of three trines with the middle one occurring during its retrograde. This is a more significant transit that suggests adjustments to the inner need for power or control over one’s destiny. Integrating yourself into existing power structures is easier now, or you may choose the more long-term process of creating new power structures for yourself that can maximize your personal benefits.

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