Mercury opposite Mars

Mercury Opposite Mars Natal

This combination symbolizes a state of dynamic tension between the way you communicate and move through daily experience and your more ambitious side, which you need to conquer. Initially, you may be soft-spoken and yet a ruthless competitor or you may talk a big game but not really have the wherewithal to back it up. As you grow, you will learn to use words and symbols almost as magical talismans in order to summon your will. The danger here is that you may not really know how to focus your will without some kind of enemy or external threat looming, so that in times of peace, you may become placid and soft. After alternating between periods of these extremes, you will begin to realize that more regular feeding of your internal furnace yields more consistent results. As the discipline to maintain a structured existence takes hold, you will be able to work hard every day and enjoy a relaxing social life afterward.

Mercury Opposite Mars Transit

This transit suggests a challenge to your sense of ambition and the pursuit of excellence. You may receive a challenge from someone seeking to take over your position or may find yourself forced into the position to issue such a challenge yourself. The key is controlling the time, place, or atmosphere of the battle. This is generally a quick transit that comes around once per year, but as often as six to seven years or as seldom as thirteen years apart, Mercury will make a series of three oppositions with the middle one occurring during retrograde motion. This is a much more significant transit that suggests an inner need to make adjustments to your need to separate yourself from the crowd. You may find yourself fighting for something that does not yield the promised rewards or perhaps without any immediately tangible goals. Going within to remind or renew your relationship with what you really want will help return your focus and get the fires of ambition burning once again.

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