Capricorn Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

Capricorn Woman: Overview & Personality Traits

The Capricorn woman is a total powerhouse.

A combination of old-soul wisdom and inner resourcefulness, these strange Sea-Goat mer-creatures are often completely misunderstood by most people, due to the common perception that their tough personalities extend all the way through to their core. Don’t be daunted by their often stoic and maybe even stern exterior traits – internally, these women are incredibly sensitive and emotional, though they won’t often show it. Not one to wear their hearts on their sleeves, they may not give you any idea how they really feel.

Learning to communicate clearly in the moment is always a boon to this stable and grounded earth sign, as she can often get stuck in her own ways. There is a marked tendency toward melancholic brooding, and this saturnine Goat will often let a slight fester for ages before she finally comes out and says what’s bothering her.

A consummate creature of habit, the Capricorn woman really loves to keep everything in her world labeled just so, and usually has difficulty shifting from her carefully researched and well-thought-out Plan A to the unknown territory of a sudden Plan B – even if Plan B is, in fact, the better choice. Serious, focused, and hard-working, it’s great when a Capricorn can let loose a bit and find time to have fun, even though even her outings and vacations are carefully planned ahead of time.

Known for her sarcastic personality and dry sense of humor, a usually taciturn Cap may surprise you with her loud belly laugh when something amuses her. Often described as conventional and traditional, many Capricorns are the secret weirdos of the zodiac – with a penchant for art, music, and culture that can only be found far from the beaten path.


Capricorn women are known for sometimes having a tricky time with love, especially in their younger years.

Even as a youth, the Sea-Goat maiden will have a hard time not seeing every one of her lovers as meant to last forever. On your first date, she might be already planning how the two of you will grow old together and sit on the front porch side by side, watching the sunset in your golden years.
Dating in general tends to be confusing for decidedly un-frivolous Cap, who leans toward serial monogamy. She also might have a history of falling in love with good friends, or people who’ve been in her life for a long time. Love at first sight doesn’t happen too much here, and it may take a long time for a Capricorn to realize that she likes you, and vice versa. Tired of waiting? Why not test your love compatibility with Capricorn?

Notoriously oblivious to the curious flirtations of suitors, a Goat woman may require you to be extremely direct and just straight-up ask her out. It’s the only way for her to know, unequivocally, that you feel a certain way about her. Otherwise, she may not pick up your subtle efforts.

It’s easy to forget that this strong, hardworking force of nature has a softer side and needs to hear compliments from you to know how much she’s appreciated. In the bedroom, prepare to see the wilder side of a Capricorn – who is known by her lovers for being a total beast when it comes to sex
Voracious in her appetites and not afraid to indulge in her earthier, more animalistic side, you might find that this woman, who is a dominant boss in her day-to-day life, prefers having a little time not being the one in control.


Home is a Capricorn’s happy place.

She tends to prefer staying in and entertaining around the kitchen table, somewhere she can control every aspect of the experience. When a Capricorn woman is entertaining guests in her own space and she can dictate the music, lighting, temperature, and general vibe, she can really relax and be herself – if she can calm down about adjusting every last detail of the ambience. Going out tends to be a calculated occasion for the female Cap – think networking or some kind of obligation rather than a night on the town for kicks.

A lady Sea-Goat can be extremely territorial about her belongings, and doesn’t like things moved out of place or her sense of order disrupted. You may notice that she always sits in the same chair, or has other funny little traits that show that she is a creature of habit.

Capricorns are drawn to the past and fascinated by history, so their homes are often crammed with antiques and odd pieces from bygone eras – the crustier and more ancient looking, the better. Dirt and dust just don’t seem to bother these earth-ruled creatures, and you may find yourself sneezing as you peer around their collections.

There is a proclivity towards hoarding and letting clutter and junk accumulate in sedimentary layers – as a Capricorn woman’s material objects often feel like extensions of herself. She doesn’t always realize it, but when her home starts to get messy, she will often feel heavier and gloomier herself. Regularly moving things around, tidying, and getting rid of stuff will help a Capricorn feel healthier and happier in her home.

A Capricorn mother is devoted to her young ones and takes their discipline very seriously. She may have more of a fatherly air than is typical, as her form of maternal love involves respect, protection, and following the rules.


Capricorns are well known for having the strongest work ethic in the entire zodiac – intently focusing their efforts on climbing the mountain of their ambitions, like the Goat that symbolizes their sign.

A female Capricorn’s career of choice tends to get very tied up with the characteristics of her identity, which can be emotionally painful or confusing if she’s doing work that feels beneath her, or if she loses her job. To a Cap, the question, “So, what do you do?” really means, “So, who are you?”

A Capricorn lawyer, writer, or chef could feel defined by her occupation, through and through. The daily tasks necessary for performing that work are an essential part of who they are and how they walk through the world. But it can be tricky – and even very distressing – for a Capricorn to do work that is menial, low-paying, or considered a dead-end job.

Saving money comes naturally to these practical and pragmatic women. Even before meeting the legal age requirements for hiring, Capricorns will find a way to earn money as children by doing chores, babysitting, or selling lemonade. They will grow up to make career choices that are more logical and sensible than creatively satisfying, which can lead to feeling unfulfilled later.

Capricorns take their work extremely seriously and are hurt when their efforts are not applauded or recognized by their employers. Owning their own businesses is often the best choice for a Capricorn woman, who has reputation for being bossy and somewhat tyrannical about getting her way.


Shopping for a Capricorn woman can be easy and fun – provided that you’re willing to follow certain guidelines.

Antiques and beautiful treasures from days of yore always appeal to this old soul, who loves to delve into history and preserve the wonders of bygone eras. Books will always be a hit with a Sea-Goat, who usually has a prodigious library of her own and believes that you can never have enough books. Useful objects and consumables like organic beauty products or beautifully made candles or delicious things to eat will please a practical Cap – but don’t bother if all you can find are the cheaper versions. She’ll be turned off (and possibly even offended) by receiving anything boring, widely available, or not of good quality.

This is often the case with loved ones who forget that this commonsensical babe has a romantic side that not everyone can see – so skip giving her a bottle of unscented lotion or toothpaste. She’d much rather that you get something on her wish list, and she definitely keeps one of these somewhere, so it might be safer to just ask her what she’s really been saving up for.

Usually, a Capricorn woman will just find a way to buy herself whatever she wants. But, even though she may seem like the woman who already has everything she could possibly want, she adores receiving presents.